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The Leadership Show | Porsche Pray Love | Interview with HH Bhakti Charu Swami and Roh Singh

Porsche Pray Love.

The Leadership Show featuring His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami

Drive to the beat of life; take ownership to prosper in mind, body and spirit!

His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami, a devout monk for 40 years, is Coach of Leaders in Corporations and Governments, Incoming Chairman of ISKCON, (100 Countries, 650 plus schools, temples and wellness centres, feeding 1.2 Million free meals to children per day).

Rohilesh Singh (CEO of Populis, Host of The Leadership Show and Creator of the Happiness Platform) welcomes His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami to another episode of The Leadership Show.

Watch this episode as Rohilesh and His Holiness share many common philosophies in life and spirituality. Share in this thought provoking conversation filled with laughter as the two drive through the beautiful city of Sydney Australia and discuss

  • Why most people have become adverse to religion
  • The power of surrender & detachment, selfless leadership
  • Enjoying the fruits of our work

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Transcript (BCS = His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami, RRS = Rohilesh Singh)


BCS: Today, why most the people have become adverse to religion.

Because religion, instead of becoming a way of approaching god

and understanding god. Religion has actually become a blind faith.

A mere ritual.

RRS: Ah, yes yes yes yes. So when people go to church, or they go to temple, they just, are you saying, the people delivering the sermons or pujas are just expecting people to just give blind faith, rather than understand what they are doing.

This is the problem I had as an individual. I had this problem. Until I understood, actually understood what the rituals meant.

BCS: Exactly, the other day you were telling us.

RRS: Yes please, can you elaborate on this.

BCS: But the thing is you know. Religion is a science. Religion is not faith. Actually, religion is a science that speaks about your identity being spiritual to begin with.

Religion gives the information about another reality beyond this material nature. Religion gives you the understanding about god and shows you the way to approach him. If god is real, then understanding of god must be real. And that is science.

You know science is a knowledge about a subject in a systematic way that can be experimentally verified.

Right, people often ask, you know, like, can you show me god? “How can I believe in Him if I cannot see Him?” But the thing is, it’s something like, a blind man saying “Can you show me the sun?” Like, my answer to that is “First, you must cure your blindness”. “Develop your eyesight, then you will see”

RRS: So from a spiritual or religious perspective, how does one do that? In terms of fixing their eyesight.

BCS: In terms of fixing their eyesight? Ya, you know, First thing is, you know, you can’t see, with your eyes or perceive with your senses, But you can conceive of it with your intelligence.

RRS: Do you feel like you have found the right path? You personally? Do you feel like you are connected?

BCS: Yes.

RRS: To God?

BCS: Ya, sure.

RRS: What does that feel like, I don’t know, is it easy to describe?

BCS: Ya, you know the day I decided to follow this path. With after reading the books, after reading one book actually. Just one book. That I received the day before I started to read it. I couldn’t stop reading it. It was so fascinating.

The next day, you know, I became fully convinced about God.

And He’s a person, He is not only the supreme creator, He is the maintainer. He is taking care of us in all respects.

And then I decided to surrender myself to Him.

The first feeling that came to me was “From now on, I won’t have to look after myself anymore”.

RRS: You were taken care of.

BCS: Like I am surrendering myself to Him, let Him take care of me.

RRS: Yes.

BCS: So that was the first consideration, the first experience that you know, I became free from my anxiety.

RRS: Ah, yes, that is a big problem today.

A lot of people take medication for that.

BCS: Right. And then I joined the temple.

RRS: But for someone like me, there’s children, there are mothers, there are sisters.

You know there are responsibilities. OK?

And what is your position on, while we are here, still being in touch with our spiritual aspect, and still knowing ourselves, you know, and surrendering ourselves to God.

And, getting rid of our anxieties, etc. But at the same time, performing our duties, and doing a good job of it. OK?

Again, not being attached, it took me a long time and I am still learning,

But not being attached to the results of that, OK?

But enjoying the abundance of what is available?

What is your position?

BCS: Why not? Like if he is the father and he is providing you, you know, all kinds of facilities, why should you deny that?

Either accept it as a gift from your father, and be grateful to your father that He has given you so much.

RRS: Guilt free.

BCS: Guilt free. And if you are a rich man’s son, can there be any limit as to what he can provide?

Now consider that you are the son of the richest personality. The King of Kings.

The creator of the entire creation and who is maintaining, the proprietor of everything.

RRS: So materialism, so long as you understand it, in terms of having the good things in life, As long as you understand it and have the right way to look at it, then you have every right to enjoy it.

BCS: Sure. Guilt comes when you are not grateful.

And guilt comes when you realise that you are depriving others, you are stealing from other’s property to enjoy it.

RRS: Ah, that’s when guilt comes.

Yes Yes.

BCS: But you know if you recognise that your father gave you so much, and you

love to share it with your brothers and sisters.

Then instead of guilt feeling, there will be tremendous joy.

RRS: What makes a really good leader? What do you think makes somebody stand out above the rest? Not only what makes someone a good leader, but someone who is most at ease with who they are.

BCS: Right well, a good leader must have, must be truthful and honest. He should be concerned about others’ welfare.

And he must take care of those who are following him.

And a good leader also should have 3 qualities.

He should have the vision, because in order to lead, you need to know where you are leading. What is the goal?

He should be able to motivate his followers.

Also, to be involved in achieving that goal.

And he must facilitate them in achieving that goal.

Say, why I am so emphatic about this facilitating you know, because otherwise the tendency is “That I am a leader, let them take care of me”and that is what happens to me, everywhere I go. Like they are taking care of me all the time.

RRS: What does that feel like?

BCS: Well, grateful.

RRS: Yes, yes.

BCS: But in reality, what I need to do, is that I have the whole goal, now I must facilitate and inspire them to achieve that goal. And while doing that I need to facilitate them. Like you know, say in the temples, most of the temples they need from me, they need man and money.

RRS: Yes.

BCS: If I do not provide that to them, rather if I tell them, you provide me with the money. You provide me the men. You know, those who are working there, they won’t have any confidence in me. So you make sure that you have the right people to them, and make sure that they have the right resources.

RRS: So they have the resources, yes. I like that.

But essentially a leader in any organisation that is trying to get any particular vision

Those are the essential factors, one that everyone understands what the vision is.

Do you know that I found in our work, that’s where the biggest disconnect is.

So what happens is the resources, the money and the people, end up going on the wrong thing.

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