Message From HG Hrdaya Caitanya Das

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

HH Bhakti Charu Swami’s sudden departure has left an empty space in my heart.

Up to the last moment I was praying and hoping that Maharaja would be able to overcome this disease.

I was always cherishing his association because it filled me with warmth,

with a feeling of a close family member that was always there for me when something would go wrong. A hug from Maharaja was a booster in my Bhakti.

Maharaja’s outstanding spiritual status, his deep love for Srila Prabhupada, his imbibed and realised Vaishnava culture, his loving care touches deeply my heart.

We can see from the reactions of so many devotees from all over the world who have been touched by Maharaja’s love in Krsna Consciousness. Because Maharaja was able to expand his heartfelt feelings for all the devotees, Godbrothers and disciples, that’s why so many devotees rightly feel they have a deep connection with Maharaja.

Maharaja while speaking of his realisations and pastimes of Srila Prabhupada, brought us always in direct connection with the mood and the teachings of his Divine Grace.

By what I feel, I can understand what the disciples are going through. Our solace and the solace of the disciples is that if we continue the process of Krsna Consciousness there is never a separation from the spiritual master.

As to the question, why this happened to our dearmost Bhakti Charu Swami,

Srila Prabhupada explains in Srimad Bhagavatam 3.16.37 When something is arranged by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one should not be disturbed by it, even if it appears to be a reverse according to one’s calculations. For example, sometimes we see a powerful preacher is killed….one should simply understand that in these matters there must be some plan of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

HH Bhakti Charu Swami ki jaya.

Your servant,

Hrdaya Caitanya das

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