Seminar Lecture : Lord Krishna’s Vrindavana Pastimes (Part 3)

Seminar Lecture : Lord Krishna’s Vrindavana Pastimes (Part 3)


Today we’ll discuss some pastimes of Krishna.Yesterday we discussed that Krishna decided to come to this earth – take birth as the eighth son of Devaki and also the son of mother Yasoda. And before Krishna appeared there had to be seven other children of mother Devaki because Krishna was supposed to be the eighth son.  So it was arranged that the first six sons of Devaki will be killed so that Krishna can appear very quickly. Because the demigods were very much worried about Kamsa – Kamsa created so much disturbance. They wanted Krishna to come quickly and finish him off. So when Vasudeva got married to Devaki – Devaki was the daughter of Deva. There was a king called Surasena and Surasena had 2 sons – Ugrasena and Deva. Ugrasena’s son was Kamsa and Deva’s daughter was Devaki. So Devaki got married to Vasudeva and when Devaki was going to her husband’s house in a big procession, Kamsa himself was driving the chariot. Because Devaki was a very dear sister, very dear cousin to Kamsa – so Kamsa was personally escorting her or driving the chariot with Vasudeva and Devaki in the chariot.

At that time the demigods wanted to play some trick with Kamsa. So demigods actually announced from the sky. Like they have a kind of sound system that from a great distance they can make things be heard. They don’t personally have to be there but from a great distance, per say from the heavenly planets, they can make some announcement and it would be broadcasted in here. They had some sophisticated radio system. So, they made an announcement. “ Kamsa that sister of yours that you’re so affectionately carrying to her husband’s house, do you know that her eighth son is going to kill you.”  so Kamsa became very worried. As soon as they heard that – oh yeah, that announcement actually also said that Kamsa –you are a fool. You foolish Kamsa, don’t you know that this Devaki’s son is going to kill you?

So Kamsa immediately grabbed Devaki by her hair, pulled out his sword and was about to severe her head. But then Vasudeva pleaded to Kamsa. And said “Kamsa you‘re such a great fighter. You are a great hero. And if you kill a woman, that will get disgrace to you (3.51). Not only people will say bad about you, but even after death, you’ll have to suffer in hell. So a person in his right senses, an intelligent man, a wise man will never kill a woman. Because to kill a woman, is a very very heinous crime. And then he also told Kamsa, “Why are you so afraid of death? After all in this material nature, our duration, our existence is temporary. Everyone is born, everyone remains only for a short while and then he has to die. And in this world, no matter for how long one stays, it’s only a short span of existence. So why are you so afraid of death?  Because your death is also born – along with your birth. As soon as your body is born, your death also is born. And as you are riding through the vehicle of your life, you are coming closer and closer to death and that’s a fact with everyone. So why should you be afraid of death?  And besides that, you are not this body. You are not this body, you are a spirit soul. So in this way, Vasudeva advised Kamsa.

Now, who is Vasudeva? Vasudeva is actually Suddha Tattva. Vasudeva is a personification of transcendental goodness. And Krishna is born out of Vasudeva. Krishna comes out of transcendental goodness. When one transcends the modes of material nature, the mode of ignorance, the mode of passion and even the mode of goodness – material goodness, then one comes to the transcendental platform which is called Visuddha Satva or Vasudeva platform. So a person who is situated in Vasudeva : he is transcendental to the material nature and is situated in absolute knowledge. And when one becomes situated in that transcendental situation, then only Krishna appears from within the heart. So Vasudeva, a person situated in transcendental platform, advised Kamsa in this way.

Still then, Kamsa was not convinced and Vasudeva could understand that. So then, Vasudeva assured Kamsa, “ Kamsa don’t worry. It is not Devaki who is going to kill you. It is Devaki’s son who is going to kill you. So I give you my word of honour that as the sons are born out of Devaki, I will offer the sons to you. And you can do whatever you want to do with them. So Kamsa liked this idea. He didn’t e really pay much heed to philosophy.  But he is a practical person.  Demons are actually very practical. He liked this practical proposal that the sons after the birth will be given to him. And he knew that Vasudeva was actually a very truthful person. He knew that when Vasudeva gave his word, he will stick to it. Then Kamsa let Vasudeva and Devaki go.

Then in due course of time, a son was born. When the son was born, it was a beautiful little son, beautiful little baby. But Vasudeva was bound by his word of honour. So he decided to give the son to Kamsa. And Devaki was feeling bad. Naturally the mother is attached to the son that she carried him in the womb for so many months.  But Vasudeva never understand that the word ‘truth’ is the most important word.  Because, religion, Dharma, is situated on the truth. So, one should never deviate from truth.  A person must be truthful. Whatever he says, he must keep to his vow. And that is the sign of a person situated in the transcendental platform. A person situated on the transcendental platform is always very truthful – never will lie. Actually a person situated in the transcendental platform is so truthful that whatever he says becomes true. even though apparently it may not be true. Apparently it may not appear to be true., but whatever he says becomes true.

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Transcription : Her Grace Hemagopi Dasi
Editing : Ramananda Raya Dasa
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