Developments In ISKCON Ujjain

Developments In ISKCON Ujjain

ISKCON Ujjain has been expanding from a center to a simple center of worship to a worldwide center of excellence. In the window of March 25th to 27th , the devotees and general public were graced by the divine presence of His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami. These two days marked many wonderful developments.

A new devotee Prasad hall capable of accommodating 350 devotees and a new Krsna Balarama kitchen to help prepare prasadam for outreach efforts, were inaugurated by His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami.

A new Ayurvedic clinic front of the temple accessible to all over the world, “Arogya Niketan” was also inaugurated. Ayurveda treats the body based on the pulse. It prescribes natural processes of healing in order to restore the three life airs of the body: kappa, pitta and vayu. His Holiness has many times described the long lasting value of ayurvedic treatment and has himself taken this treatment to restore his health.

To promote holistic education in a powerful spiritual environment, a new play school was also inaugurated. This play school will have pre-primary classes and play school classes. Many dignitaries of the city came and participated in this program, indicating that ISKCON Ujjain is not only helping those who are directly connected to the temple but rather it is catering to the needs of the entire city.

Amidst all these official events, His Holiness also gave eloquent classes on both days on the subject of universal creation in the fifth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. He also gave a youth class on the topic: “Is youth meant for enjoyment?”. Quoting different verses from Bhagavd Gita, he established the urgent need for the youth of today to take to the enlivening process of Krsna Consciousness and distribute it all over the world. After his discourse, he very patiently and kindly answered all questions with appropriate examples.

(Article by Syama Kisore Das)