“Corporate Spirituality” – Singapore Artha Event With Bhakti Charu Swami

“Corporate Spirituality” – Singapore Artha Event With Bhakti Charu Swami

Artha Forum hosts its 7th Event in Singapore on Corporate Spirituality

In the constant pursuits to bring relevance of ancient vedic wisdom into modern businesses and corporate world – Artha forum conducted its 7th event in Singapore inviting entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and professional from for all walks of life. The event was hosted at Tanglin Club, Singapore with a hall full of guests who were eager to hear fresh perspective of vedic wisdom and its practical applications in ones day to day life.

Adopting a little different format compared to previous events, the evening was set off by a inspiring talk from Aseem Thakur, founder of give.asia. Aseem, a young entrepreneur, discussed about his journey of give.asia which he co-founded at the age of 22. Give.asia (earlier known as give.sg) provides free and easy platform for both the people raising the funds for a cause and for those who are finding transparent means through which they can give back to the society. Aseem succinctly put his journey as three simple stories. Firstly, he mentioned of seeing oneself as fellow astronauts in the spaceship earth. This changes our outlook, lets us start focusing on building relationship, and makes us see opportunity to help one another. Secondly, he talked about falling in love with problems as they are inevitable whatever be the situation, and thirdly to do something bigger in life than yourself. Aseem summed up his reflection, stating that “The more you share, the more you have. It’s amazing to see how positivity and goodwill out there in the world just multiplies, and you just receive more of it at the end” 

Sanjiv Aiyar, President of PAN IIM association in Singapore, Founder of strategic consulting firm ApKar Consulting and long standing well-wisher for Artha forum, shared the dais with His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami for a conversation on the subject of Corporate Spirituality.  On requested of Sanjiv, His Holiness shared his journey of being spiritual practitioner for more than four decades, what inspired him and why his conviction increases with every passing day.

Emphasizing that money is the means or facility and not the goal of the life, His holiness said that “The real enjoyment comes when one develops the relationship with Supreme lord. And that is the goal of life. Just to enjoy here for time being by getting some material facilities and dying – that is not the goal of human life. Because when we die, there is no guarantee that you are going to get the human form of life again. Therefore, we should take the full advantage of human form of life, that you have got it.”

Answering the question on how to bring the awareness of consequences of wrong actions in spiritual realm, where the enforcement is not very visible, his Holiness emphasized that the immediate results should not be the only consideration as we have to recognize that the way we are acting, for every action there is going to be reaction. And when the leader understands this princple, then the follower and people around, are going to be ethically established and morally astute, and then only we will see a society which is perfectly placed. With Aseem setting the tone of the evening on giving back to society, His Holiness mentioned of the principle that Jamshed Tata had laid down for his businesses: “that whatever we are taking from society, we have to give it back”.


On how spirituality relates to religion, and why intelligent classes are rejecting religion, though they want to accept spirituality, His Holiness replied “We have to recognize that what is going on in the name of religion is not actually what religion is. In real sense the religion is the means to understand spiritual reality. In essence you will find all religion speak about spiritual aspect of once existence and speaking about supreme spiritual personality of God. And we have loving relationship with him either has father and son, master and servant, or lover and beloved. However, religions these days have degenerated from this”

In order to describe spirituality and material world, His Holiness quoted from Vedic scripture about five states of consciousness: Covered state (trees and plants), shrunken (present in animals, insects and other species), bud state of consciousness (in the case of human), blooming state, and fully bloomed state of consciousness. And its established time and time again in the scripture that goal of life is to develop loving relationship with the Lord with full consciousness.

The event concluded with an engaging round of questions from audience – which touched upon the state of world with intelligent machines playing key role in man’s life and decision making, and where does one know the right balance between pursuit of material success and spirituality.