71st Vyasapuja offering’s for Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj

71st Vyasapuja offering’s for Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj

You are invited to submit your public offerings for Guru Maharaj’s Vyasa Puja. On 17th September 2016, Guru Maharaj will be in Ujjain for the Srila Prabhupada Memorial Festival and at that time devotees there will also celebrate Guru Maharaj’s Vyasa Puja. The compiled offerings will be presented to Guru Maharaj and shared on BCS Istagosthi.

Anyone can submit an offering, and the deadline is 17th August 2016. Please see below for guidelines on how to submit your offering.

You can help us serve Guru Maharaj by sending your offering early. For example, you might start thinking about your offering now and resolve to write and send it within a week or two.


  • Submit your offerings by email to offerings@bhakticharuswami.com and write ‘Vyasa Puja offering from [your spiritual name or first and last name]’ in the subject line of the email.
  • Submit your offering in the body of an email. Avoid submitting attachments as they will delay our editing work. Do not format your offering or include anything other than plain text. All text will be formatted by our editor into a standard font and size. Check your offering for spelling and grammar. Leave one line between paragraphs and one space between sentences.
  • Important: Sign off your offering your spiritual name (if you are initiated) or your legal name (if you are not initiated), your town/city and your country. If you wish to state anything further, such as your official designation in an ISKCON centre or department, feel free to do so. These details will be published. For example:
    Krishna Das
    London, UK
  • Beneath that, leave one line space and state whether you are initiated or aspiring and your guru’s name, your legal name, and your email address. These details are required for our referencing, but they will not be published. For example:
    Initiated Disciple of Guru Maharaj
    Legal Name: Amit Sharma
    Email address: xyz@abc.com
  • Submit your offering early, and certainly no later than 17th August 2016. Offerings will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • Resend your offering if you do not receive a confirmation reply within seven days of sending it.
  • Write a maximum of 750 words – fewer is perfectly fine. This is a public document, so please keep your writing concise and sharp. If you want to write something longer, feel free to write it privately to Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj may not have time to read long private offerings.
  • Write your offering in English, Hindi or Bengali. Hindi and Bengali offerings can be neatly handwritten and attached as an image file; English offerings must be typed.
  • Read other offerings for ideas and inspiration.
  • Write your offering yourself. Joint authorship of a single offering by a few (maximum five) devotees or members of one family is also acceptable, but this should still conform to the word limit.
  • If you are writing an offering on behalf of a temple or other organization, write it in such a way that the other devotees in your organization can also identify with the offering.
  • Copy any required brief verses/quotations from www.vedabase.com, including diacritics, and state the book, chapter and verse. Include the English translation if the verse is not well known. Quotations should be in italics. If you quote a verse from outside VedaBase or compose original Sanskrit, include diacritics.
  • Feel free to leave out any preliminary mantras (guru pranam etc.). The compilation will start with these mantras, Guru Maharaj will understand that all offerings start with them. Space is limited and brevity is helpful.
  • Do not submit more than one offering.
  • Do not reuse or edit an offering from previous years, or copy someone else’s writing.
  • Do not vent grievances, criticize devotees, take stands on internal philosophical controversies, promote institutions other than the ones Srila Prabhupada founded, or promote other contemporary spiritual guides. Vyasa Puja is meant for glorifying Guru Maharaj. Offerings deemed inappropriate will be rejected or a rewrite will be requested.

You may wish to write about:

  • Guru Maharaj’s classes, retreats, events and achievements over the past year.
  • Guru Maharaj’s services and projects in ISKCON.
  • Guru Maharaj’s mood of service.
  • Guru Maharaj’s relationship with Srila Prabhupada.
  • Guru Maharaj’s relationships with his God-brothers.
  • Guru Maharaj’s relationships with devotees.
  • Other devotees’ appreciations of Guru Maharaj.
  • Guru Maharaj’s life and past-times.
  • Your relationship with Guru Maharaj: first meeting, instructions, services, realizations.
  • The role Guru Maharaj plays in your spiritual life: your spiritual growth, how you are meeting challenges, how you are carrying out his instructions.
  • How you will be celebrating Guru Maharaj’s Vyasa Puja.
  • Your hopes and aspirations for Guru Maharaj’s year ahead.
  • Your prayers and gratitude to Guru Maharaj.