Gaura Purnima festival at ISKCON Ujjain

Gaura Purnima festival at ISKCON Ujjain


Gaura Purnima festival 2016 was celebrated with great grandeur in ISKCON Ujjain. Almost 350 devotees came from the different places in India to attend this festival. Fortunately, all the devotees got the rare association of HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja. The entire temple was beautifully decorated with flowers & coloured lights. Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Sri Sri Prahladesha Narsingadeva were offered new outfits.


On Gaura Purnima Day, Maharaja shared the nectarine pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and all the devotees were blissfully hearing. Some points from the lectures given by Maharaja are as follows:

  1. As Kali yuga progresses, the situation of the world will degrade more & more & the only thing which can save this world is the Krishna consciousness movement.
  2. When we face the evil influences of Kali, what should we do? Should we run away? No! We have to chant the holy name & Krishna will protect us.

(Example:- Srila Prabhupada did Nagar Sankirtan in Calcutta at the time of the second world war & as a result of this kirtan, no bombing in Calcutta!)

  1. We have to leave our material attachments behind & always be ready when Krishna comes to takes us back to Godhead.
  2. Vedic culture teaches us the vital truths of life –
    1. This life is not everything;
    2. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead;
    3. Goal of life is to develop love for Krishna; and
    4. Our life should be moulded in such a way that we can always remember Krishna & never forget Him.

In the evening ISKCON Youth Forum boys & ISKCON Youth Forum Girls teams’ presented 3 wonderful dramas. The themes of these dramas were:-

Deliverance of Jagai – Madhai; Gaura- Nitai Deities of Gauridas Pandit and Haridas Thakurs pastimes.

It was followed by Maharaja’s lecture on Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu & Maha-abhishek of Sri Sri Gaura- Nitai. Thereafter all the devotees were served sumptuous prasad.


The day was spent by devotees participating in ecstatic kirtans & hearing Caitanya- katha given by different devotees and especially by HH Bhakti Prema Swami Maharaja. The ISKCON Youth Forum devotees led ecstatic kirtans the entire day & joyfully danced in temple.