Bhakti Charu Swami Visits Surat

Bhakti Charu Swami Visits Surat

IMG_1183 His Holiness Bhakti Charu Maharaj visited Surat on 3rd and 4th of January 2016. HH Bhakti Prema Swami Maharaja and a group of devotees from Ujjain accompanied Maharaj.

ISKCON Surat yatra welcomed Maharaj at Sri Sri Radha Damodar temple, where Maharaja delivered the Sunday feast lecture. Maharaj first sang the song “Krishna Jinaka Naam” and explained from the Bhagavad Gita about the difference between the living entity and the Supreme Lord. He then described the yuga dharma of chanting the holy name and inspired everyone to chant.

In the evening there was a beautiful drama festival attended by several hundred congregation members. It was arranged by the Pandava Sena devotees under the inspiration of Maharaj. The program featured wonderful musical performances by the Kirtan Forever band, which sang various devotional songs and kirtans enchanting the whole auditorium,. Four amazing dramas were presented on the themes – “Three Modes of Material Nature”, “What goes in mind”, “Hell” and “PK Returns”. The dramas were greatly appreciated by Maharaj. At the end, Maharaj gave a wonderful inspirational talk and thanked tIMG_1237he whole team of Pandava Sena. The program ended with an ecstatic dancing kirtan lead by Maharaj.

Next morning there were various programs given by Maharaj starting with Srimad Bhagvatam class. In afternoon Maharaj gave special classes individually to various groups of devotees including the ladies sanga and the youth forum. In the evening, Maharaj gave an amazing hall program with over 500 devotees describing amazing pastimes of Krishna in Dwarka and Mathura.

Maharaj left for Mumbai early morning on 5th January after giving departure address to devotees at 4.30 AM.