Pune Experiences: The Beauty Of Bhakti

Pune Experiences: The Beauty Of Bhakti

After the long waiting of 13 months and 22 days, finally the time came when Guru Maharaja was arriving in Pune to give us his association for 2 days. Devotees started preparations days before on all levels of gross arrangements and subtle spiritual consciousness. As usual, it was decided that Guru Maharaja will stay at ParshuramPrabhu and ShyamangiRadhikaMataji’s home.

On 26th February, Guru Maharaja, along with HG Ganga Narayan Prabhu and HG Mukunda Priya Prabhu arrived at around 9.40 AM to Pune. Although it was decided that we would welcome Guru Maharaja at ParshuramPrabhu’s home itself, but devotees in their excitement, went to see Guru Maharaja to the main highway, a few miles away. After coming, Guru Maharajain his exceptional personal way had at least few words with everyone who came. He even asked devotees what all they did individually in preparations.

In evening, Guru Maharaja visited Sri Sri Radha VrindavanchandraMandir, After taking the wonderful darshan of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vrindvanchandra, Sri SriGauraNitai and Sri SriJagannathBaladevaSubhadra, Guru Maharaja delivered ecstatic class for the resident and aspiring brahmacaris. Guru Maharaja mainly spoke how wonderfully Krishna is taking care of us and how we are so fortunate to be in Krishna Consciousness. Guru Maharaja narrated the anecdote where Srila Prabhupada instructed him to offer this life to Krishna. One devotee asked about the recent incident happened in Mayapur where Guru Maharaja was singing and in midst of kirtanmela, Panchatattva cried tears of ecstacy. Guru Maharaja answered that why it is not possible as deity is Lord Himself. If Lord can talk and walk as SakshiGopal, why can’t He cry?

After the class Guru Maharaja met some aspiring disciples. Guru Maharaja stressed them to chant 16 rounds, follow four regulative principles and to be in contact with temple by rendering services. After that in night Guru Maharaja gave class on Srila Prabhupada’s position. Devotees felt so much secured being in ISKCON and more personally connected to Srila Prabhupada after hearing the class.

On 27th February, Guru Maharaja visited Sri Sri Radha KunjabihariMandir. Guru Maharaja delivered the most wonderful class on SrimadBhagavatam 1.5.29. One devotee asked that Narada Muni took remnants of devotees once, but even though we take it so many times why nothing is happening? To this, Guru Maharaja said that it depends on faith. Since we lack faith, we don’t derive the perfect benefit. Guru Maharaja then added that another way of looking at it is that maybe Krishna wants us to serve here more therefore He wishes us to stay back! So we should never think that why I am not getting desired results out of my practice of devotional service. Rather our main concern should be service to the Lord. At last devotees requested Guru Maharaja to sing ‘Jadigauranahoito’ song. Guru Maharaja melted hearts by his pure devotion.

After that Guru Maharaja gave another wonderful class to the brahmacaris on SrimadBhagavatam1.5.17 . Guru Maharaja elaborately described the futility of this material world and how a saintly person shows us the real oasis in the miserable desert of this material world. Guru Maharaja specially glorified HG RadheshyamPrabhu for his matchless efforts and services to expand Srila Prabhupada’s mission, especially to the youth.

Finally in evening Guru Maharaja addressed a house program. Guru Maharaja vividly described the difference between being conditioned and liberated. If we disobey laws of Krishna we are conditioned. And we accept the authority of Lord and abide by His laws, we become liberated. He urged all devotees to become very good obedient servants of Krishna, appreciating Him as the most loving father, taking care of us in all respects.

On 28th February, finally the validity of our passes to spiritual bliss expired when the time came when Guru Maharaja had to leave from Pune. All devotees assembled in the early morning to witness few last glimpses of Guru Maharaja before his marching towards next destination. Guru Maharaja briefly addressed some devotees and he told to see all of them in Ujjain during the time of GauraPurnima and HG Ganga Narayan Prabhu’ssannyasa. With a sweet smile of love and glancing with compassion, Guru Maharaja left for airport to catch his flight to Indore.

All devotees are very much grateful to Guru Maharaja for his constant mercy in form of his instructions. It is really an untradeable incredible causeless blessing to have Guru Maharaja with us!

Thank you very much

Your aspiring servant,

Krishna Kishor Das