Rules for Photo Submission

Rules for Photo Submission

A submitted photo must be a clear image of Guru Mahārāja or the program where Guru Mahārāja was present.

Please submit all your photos via email to OR you can even share the link of the repository such as Dropbox, google+ etc. to this id.

We will not download any images from Facebook as they are of low resolution.

You can upload a JPG, JPEG, PNG, or BMP image file.

If you scan a photo, the resulting file must print as a 2″ x 2″ image or larger.

The photo must be at least 640 x 480 pixels.

* Don’t submit photos taken while Guru Mahārāja is taking rest/sleeping , honouring Prasadam , taking bath.

Don’t send similar shots when only one is your favourite.

All submitted photos should be pre-edited, if required. We will just publish them.

If you want the photos to be included in a particular gallery, please mention the existing gallery’s title or mention new gallery name

Please mention the name of the submitter with the photographers name (if different)

All blurry, grainy, or fuzzy images may be removed before publishing on the website.

Photographs should not be copyrighted, it should be available to everybody to download and share.

We will try to upload the photos within 24hrs of receiving the photos, but if delayed and you want to send us a reminder, please do it after 48 hrs of your submission.

Servant of the Servants 
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