By Her Grace Archana Dasi

(Click on the pictures to discover the Treasure House Of India’s Spiritual Wisdom as presented by ISKCON Founder Acharya Srila A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada)

DON’T YOU THINK THAT SRILA PRABHUPADA IS AN EXTRAORDINARY AND UNIQUE PERSONALITY WHO THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW ABOUT? Once I approached one political personality and told him: This person attracted hundreds thousand of people, not even a second was wasting during his day, he was so learned but still so compassionate. Do you want to meet him? I showed him Abhay Charan set, we talked about ISKCON’s welfare activities and he bought the set.

WE ARE ALL YEARNING FOR LOVE Once I approached the owner of a restaurant, I told her that I would like to show her an extraordinary movie. I asked her if she could invite some friends and I told her that I will bring the dinner. After watching Abhay Charan, she told me this movie shows the true meaning of love. She bought the set and made her friends buy it too.

INTRODUCTION TO THE ANCIENT VEDIC CULTUREOnce I approached one family who happened to be fascinated by India and was contemplating the day their dream will become true, they will visit India. After watching Abhay Charan, they asked many questions and became convinced that the wealth and wisdom of this ancient culture will truly change their lives for the better and started planning their trip. They bought the set.

RECOGNITION OF ISKCON AS A TRULY SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT WHICH CONTRIBUTION IS THE MOST BENEFICIAL FOR THE WHOLE WORLDMy parents never considered seriously what I was doing as a member of ISKCON. They thought one day she will get back to her senses and come back to us. But after watching Abhay Charan, they could realize the depth of the movement and felt some kind of sympathy for Srila Prabhupada who has gone through so many sacrifices to establish ISKCON.

I noticed when I was distributing Abahy Charan, everyone became jubilant at home.  I could engage everyone. My brother would take me to some places or borrow me his car. My grand mother was in charge of the finances and stock. My mother would introduce me to her friends and everyone was impatiently waiting for me in the evening to know how many sets I had distributed.