Sankirtan Bookdistribution In SA

Sankirtan Bookdistribution In SA

Sent by His Grace Ramkinkar Prabhu


Hare Krishna

My Dear Sripad das & Family


You are most welcomed. Please take photos, names, occupation & follow-up on
your one on one preaching. We are also going to focus on home programs, the
success is amazing.

I need more Sankirtan Stories to offer Srila Prabhupada!

Keep-up, step on your accelerator, and push on ……..  Srila Prabhupada’ mood
& mission of preaching & Book Distribution. In this way our family will grow &
pure devotional service is guaranteed.

To get an added lift in devotional life, please accept my personal invitation
to Bhakti Yoga Club every Saturday at 3pm & the Harinam Party at 6pm on the
Durban Beach Front.

One of many encounters on Harinam was a little muslim toddler was taking his
first paces got attracted and spell bound to the Holy Names of Krishna. He left
his parents and came towards us. He started the Swami Steps for 5 minutes
dancing to the perfect beats of the Kirtan, while his young parents watched in
amazement. As soon as we said bye to him only then he staggered towards his
parents. We now got a camera to capture these moments.

One seasoned devotee told me today, in ISKCON there are different kind of
devotees: Guru devotee, Festival devotee and we have to be Srila Prabhupada’s
devotee to push his movement forward, hence success is guaranteed in Krishna

KC is Food for thought!
Food for Life;
Books for Life;
Harinam Sankirtan for Life

Thank you Srila Prabhupada and your sincere members of ISKCON to give us the
yuga dharma, distributing: chanting, dancing & taking prasadam.

Thank you very much

Hare Krishna

With love

Ramkinkar das & Team

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Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 21:17:14
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Subject: Re: Food For Life & Book Distribution

Hare Krishna Ramkinkar,

Well done on pushing SP’s mission. This will please your GM very nicely.

Last year November I preached to a few african men and yesterday I had the
pleasure in meeting with him again. To my surprise he has mention that since
our last meeting he has been chanting everyday. The first few days chanting the
maha mantra he has felt joy and happiness. He has now extended the maha mantra
to his broader family. Today a few people in his family chant every day. I will
be taking him chanting beads and a few of SP’s books as gifts for him and his

I also have been following up on the carwash attendants at Mt Esgecombe
carwash. They have found SP’s books extremely interesting and now members of
the family are also reading.

Only by the mercy of or GM’s can we attract others to ISKCON.

Thank you for your updates. Let’s we use our blackberry’s to motivate each
other in becoming better soldiers on the war against maya.


Arkeev Gareeb
Cell: 0826786356
efax: 0865609303
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Cc: Sripad das Akeev Gareeb<>; Srinivasa
Acharys Das Jason Prabhu<>; Mr Divesh
Maharaj<>; Elect Engineer Rathilall
Sewsunker<>; NJP Phoenix JBS<>; Dr Krishna
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Subject: Food For Life & Book Distribution

Hare Krishna

Akanda Kirtana Das
The President
Umlazi Preaching Centre

Dear Akanda Kirtana Das


On our morning Japa walk we met Mr Bobby Misra at Holiday Inn, South Beach,
Boss of Porter’s Desk Services.

He is turning 50 end of this month so he likes to donate for your Food for
Life, ISKCON Umlazi. His daughter is 4th year Medical Student at Mandela School
of Medicine. He was so happy to hear of your preaching glories he was excited
to take “Coming Back”

Please call on him. His details are:

Cell No 0825670049, Email:

Mr Sifiso Mpanza an employee at First National Bank, Beach Branch consultant
during our financial transaction was very keen in taking your isIzulu Book,
Beyond Birth & Death, he resides in Mayville. He likes to hear from you.

During our discussions his visiting colleague said Hare Krishna.

Thank you very much

Hare Krishna

With love

Ramkinkar das & Team