Breaking News: ISKCON Ujjain Covered by Top 5 Newspapers in India!

Breaking News: ISKCON Ujjain Covered by Top 5 Newspapers in India!


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Article Sent By Her Grace Rasalila Dasi

With HH Bhakti Charu Swami Gurudev and Krishna’s mercy I am extremely excited to share that within the last couple days ISKCON Ujjain have been covered by the Top 5 national newspapers in India! Haribol!!!

Media coverage was in the following newspapers:

Hindustan Times – #1 National Newspaper in India
Dainik Bhaskar – #1 Newspaper in Central India
Nayi Duniya – #2 Newspaper in Central India
Patrika – #3 Newspaper in Central India
Free Press – Very Prominent National Newspaper

You can read the Hindustan Times press release by going to-
(Indore Edition, page 6, change the date to 23rd January, headline-ISKCON temple in Ujjain goes online)

All published articles can be seen in the scanned photo attached.

The story in these press releases talks about ISKCON Ujjain being the 1st temple in Ujjain city to have full-time LIVE broadcast of all its temple programs from the time it opens to the time it closes. It was all put together in just a matter of few months and successfully launched on November 22, 2011.

The story doesn’t stop here, ISKCON Ujjain is also the 1st Solar Powered temple in Ujjain and probably the only fully solar powered temple in ISKCON. This temple works with the environment by giving Krishna’s ray of light through a Solar Powered Temple. It was installed on the auspicious day of Janmashtami- August 22, 2011. The entire project was donated by H.G. Ayodhyapati Das who is the uncle of the Mauritius Prime Minister.

Everyone is so thankful to the exceptional devotees who continue to work hard giving their life and soul to make these outstanding miracles happen in Ujjain Dham. This temple is really breaking ground by setting high standards being environmentally conscious and using the latest technology to spread the Vedic culture to the world.

Your humble servant,
Rasalila Devi Dasi
In case you cant read the scanned copy, here is the text version of the 3 English press releases-

Hindustan Times article-ISKCON Temple in Ujjain Goes Online

UJJAIN: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in Ujjain has moved one step forward in using modern information technology as well as natural energy sources for the benefit of pilgrims.

The Radha Madanmohan Temple has gone online thus facilitating people to have live darshan in any part of the world at any time. Similarly, the temple management has put solar energy system which is capable of meeting the whole requirement of the temple corridors, restaurant and lodging extension freeing from the erratic electric supplies.

HG Rasalila Devi Dasi, an ISKCON devotee from New York who is the main brain behind the live telecast, told Hindustan Times that anyone could have the darshan live by going to and clicking the Ujjain channel. The telecast is available from opening of the temple gates to closing. A state-of-the-art control room from where the
cameras put at different points could be controlled and the telecast monitored is established for the work.

She said devotees could also ask any query through chat from the channel during lesson sessions at the temple.

Similarly, the solar energy system put at the temple is proving a boon as the whole electric need of light equipments, audio, video systems is met through this mode.

Free Press Article 1- ISKCON Gets Solar Power Plant

Ujjain: ISKCON temple got its first solar power project in association with the uncle of the Prime Minister of Mauritius on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. The power plant has been established at the temple and started working as the sky was clear. Though, it was not established on the occasion of Janmashtami due to the rainy season. It
will enable the supply of electricity to the temple. A solar module (24V to 200 wp), battery panel (120V – 300 Ah) [zv cells VRLA Batteries] and 10 KV power conditioning unit which will give total backup of 36000 Walt – Hr were installed at the temple.

Free Press Article 2-
Online Darshan at ISKCON

Devotees can now have online darshan of lord Krishna at ISKCON. Online facility has been launched at the temple under the aegis of Swami Bhakti Charu Maharaj and Raslila Mataji. A control room, three camera sets and LED screens have been installed at the temple. Devotees can log into website for live darshan of lord Kirshna from
ISKCON temple. People can inquire and ask questions through the online services regarding darshan and pravachan.