The Real Way To Enjoy

The Real Way To Enjoy


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Hare Krishna
Nandisvara is cursing Daksa and his followers. His followers are mostly the brahmanas. Daksa’s assembly was filled with these karmakandis brahmanas generally attracted to this kind of sacrifices. Nandisvara is cursing them, that these materialistic people, those who are attracted to fruitive activities.Fruitive activities mean by performing pious activities one tries to enjoy the material nature. They are called fruitive workers; they want to enjoy the fruit of their actions. They act in order to enjoy in this material nature. That tendency is called karma or bhoga, enjoyment in the material nature.

There are four types of people
Bhukti kamis
Mukti kamis
Siddhi kamis

The siddhi kamis also fall in the fruitive activities orkers.Through their siddhis; they want to enjoy the material nature. Bhukti kamis want to enjoy this material nature. The Vedas have one branch that tells people how to enjoy in this material nature. There are prescribed processes by which one can actually enjoy in the material nature. What are the prescribed processes? Follow the rules and regulations and as the result of that you will have a lot of enjoyment in this material nature. But this material nature is a place of suffering and this body is an instrument to receive pain. So what can you expect here? It is a place of suffering, it is a prison house and this body is a machine to receive pain. The living beings being illusioned, they think that they are going to enjoy through their body in this material nature. Materialistic life means try to enjoy through this material body in this material world. Material nature extends up to Satyaloka, starting from the lowest planetary systems, Patalaloka to Satyaloka. There are fourteen planetary systems. Each universe has fourteen planetary systems. The lower planetary systems are the places where some types of individuals try to enjoy and the higher planetary systems are another place where other types of individuals try to enjoy. We see there are some people who like to stay up at night, go to the pub and night clubs; they try to enjoy, they live in darkness. So subterranean planets, the lower planetary systems are like those night clubs. They operate without light because the sunrays do not enter there. They have artificial light like this light (Gurumaharaj is showing the chandelier on the ceiling). What kind of light is that? The serpents have jewels on their heads and the jewels actually give out the light. Do you see some similarity between this light and that light? The cable, does it not look like a serpent? And on top of the cable there is a bulb. Look at this light and that light. The cable doesn’t they look like serpents and on top of the cable there is a bulb. This is an imitation of that kind of arrangement. By nature’s arrangement there are serpents with many hoods and huge bodies, they have jewels on their heads and the jewels give out the light. Like there are places in America, big areas full of night clubs, I heard, I have never been there. [Laughs]. The arrangement is as such that when you enter there you can not make out if it is day or night. Even at noon time you enter there day time, they do not allow the sun light to enter there; they make the arrangement that it is all night time, all artificially lit. So there is one kind of people like that those who want to enjoy through the nocturnal activities, night time activities. There are other types of living entities who stay up during the day; they try to enjoy through the nature arrangement. The nature arrangement is the sun light to light up the universe. So seven planetary systems are lit up by the sun whereas the lower planetary systems, there is no sun light. Atala,Patala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, Patala; these are the seven lower planetary systems. Bhagavatam describe them as bila svargas. Bila means subterrannean, underground. They are also like heavenly planets; there are lots of enjoyment there. Like when you go to a night club, there is so called material enjoyment and in the higher planetary systems, they enjoy in a certain way. Higher one goes, higher is the enjoyment, so called enjoyment; but is there any enjoyment? People try to enjoy in the material nature through this body. But can actually anybody enjoy through this body? No. But there is an allurement. Come and have the enjoyment. You have not tried hard enough.  Do not worry if you have not been able to enjoy so far but soon you will enjoy, it takes one more effort. You will enjoy and that is the illusionary energy of the Lord, Maya.

Nandisvara is pointing that out. You are all so attached to your bodily enjoyment. Why are you performing sacrifices? For elevation to the higher planetary systems. What will you get by going there? Yes, you will get some enjoyment. Lot of soma rasa to drink and this soma rasa will create lot of excitement in your body. This kind of drink will create excitement in the body like alcohol but that excitement is only momentary. Like alcohol some excitement and then the hangover. Soma rasa does not have any hangover. There is rejuvenation of the body; the body becomes very strong and powerful. Why do they want to have this healthy body? To have material enjoyment, sex life. There are beautiful girls there, they are apsaras and they are all there ready to please you. So people think that this is higher enjoyment but that is all illusory there is no enjoyment in this material nature. In the heavenly planets, the illusion becomes more intensified. They think that they are enjoying but that is the creation of the illusionary energy of the Lord; but because they are following the Vedic injunctions they get some sort of enjoyment. That has been described as kha- puñpäyate, phantasmagoria. Kha means sky and puspa means flower. Can there be flower in the sky? There is no possibility of flower in the sky, but it is the illusion that makes one thinks that there is some flower in the sky. The English expression for that is phantasmagoria or illusion.  The Vedas are giving the instruction:” Do you want to enjoy? So enjoy in this way.” What is the way to enjoy? You acquire a lot of piety. Just as on earth’s planet, you earn a lot of money and you will enjoy. There is that allurement: if you have a lot of money, you will enjoy. There is some sort of enjoyment in getting money. You can fulfill your desire that is a kind of enjoyment. But for how long does it last? It will not last very long. You have money and you want something, you can immediately get it. But for how long does the attraction for the object last? Only for a very short time. For example we can see that people think that if I have a house in some very beautiful area like Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, I will be so happy. When you get the house, you get so happy but after a short while Beverly Hills becomes boring, that house becomes totally unattractive. That is why what actually happens, one keeps on migrating from one desire to another desire. That is why the example of a mirage has been given. What happens to a mirage? The mirage gives you the promise that there is water. You are thirsty, you are dying for water and there is an impression. It appears that there is water. You run after the mirage but can you ever catch the mirage? Can you ever quench you thirst by running after the mirage? The more you run after the mirage the more the mirage runs away from you. And that is the condition of the living entity in the material nature, he is continuously running after the mirage and he never quenches his thirst running after the mirage.
That is one thing Prabhupada told me during one of my first early meetings with Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada told me: “See! For so many life time you try to enjoy and you can see that you are still not satisfied.” At this time I could not properly understand that point but later on it occurred to me what Prabhupada actually meant. Life after life you are running after this mirage and naturally you are not satisfied that is the condition of each and every living entity in the material nature the living entity. For so many life times you are trying to enjoy and you can see that you are still not satisfied. So that means you have still never enjoyed then he told me: “Just offer this life to Krishna.”  Prabhupada started to explain what it meant to offer this life to Krishna. He explained for a long time and at the end Prabhupada said: “Offer this life to Krishna and if at the end of this life nothing happens, what is the loss?  It is just one life time out of so many. Laughs. So you can afford to risk it. There is so many lives if this life does not work by offering to Krishna, next life you try to carry on enjoying; it was such an enlightening instruction. Just offer this life to Krishna that is what Krishna consciousness actually means: “Offer this life to Krishna and everything immediately changes.” Then you get to see here is the real enjoyment. The first thing that is happening is the enjoyment we get by following the four regulative principles. No meat eating, no intoxication, no illicit sex, no gambling; that leads to real enjoyment… Eat Krishna prasad that is real enjoyment, do not take intoxication that makes your health so much better, your consciousness becomes so clear and so forth. This is the real way to enjoy and this is just the beginning and what to speak of chanting the Holy Name and getting the taste of one’s loving relationship with Krishna. It may take some time but it will happen. The process works, just chant the Holy Name of the Lord. At the beginning it may be troublesome, burdensome. “Oh I have to chant now.” After finishing sixteen rounds, “okay!” Now sixteen rounds are over. Prabhupada himself once said that now I finished my sixteen rounds I can do any nonsense. Prabhupada said that imitating our mentality. Prabhupada also said that if you chant your sixteen rounds properly you will never be able to do any nonsense. The Holy Name gives us the protection, Krishna protects us. So in one hand, we have this illusionary energy of the Lord and on the other hand we have the absolute reality. The maya, the illusionary energy of the Lord is tempting us towards a phantasmagoria, a day there will be enjoyment but what do we get? The more we try to enjoy, the more we end up suffering. Alcohol, drugs are actually perfect examples. People take drugs or drink alcohol thinking that they will get some enjoyment but what happens? The next morning you wake up with a headache, a body ache, which is called hangover; that is what one person was telling me. This couple,   a very successful and wealthy family, the man is a doctor; they have a beautiful house, they are from Holland near Eindhoven. One day the wife was telling me the life they used to live before. Every Saturday they used to have a party and people used to come, they used to drink. The ground floor was the living room and upstairs was their bedroom and as it is when she woke up, she had a terrible hangover and then she looked down from the patio and saw the living room looked like a battlefield. Laughter. So many people came, they drank. The whole place was smeared with glasses, empty bottles, maybe the carpet was stained with all kinds of things spilled on it. Her first thought was: “My God, now I have to clean it.” Then she said ever since I came across Iskcon devotees, my life has changed. Then also I have parties, on Saturdays I have party but I don’t have to do anything. The devotees bring prasad, they bring everything and people come and we have such a wonderful time. When I get up in the morning I feel so fresh, so happy and enlivened and when I look down the railing everything is just speck and span. The devotees also cleaned up the room for me. Laughter. So that is the life in Krishna Consciousness, everything is so positive; whereas the materialistic way of life, they try to enjoy but they get suffering. There is a way to enjoy in the material nature, there is a purpose. Why? Simply to realize that there is no enjoyment in the material nature. Fine! Enjoy! The basic enjoyment is by fulfilling your desire. What is happiness? When you get what you want. The real way to get what you want is by acquiring piety and that gives you the real wealth. The money wealth can buy you something on the earth planet but this money can not buy anything on the higher planetary systems where there is higher kind of happiness. In order to get that happiness in the higher planetary system, you have to have piety, punya, and if you have a lot of punya, you are elevated to the heavenly planets and there you can fulfill your desire. That fulfillment of the desire is more real than on earth. Here there is hangover but in the heavenly planets there is no hangover. There you drink soma rasa, you enjoy, your body becomes filled with excitement and this excitement never subsides. You can continuously have that state of existence and all kinds of material arrangement are there which are more real, means it does not really come to an end as such. The gross material happiness comes to and end and that end is painful. Those who take drugs say that they take drugs because they cannot stay without it. Their body is in such a state of pain that without taking this heavy drugs like heroine, morphine, opium derivatives which causes one to get addicted to it, they can not stay without it. That state is extremely painful therefore in order to get rid of the pain they have to take drugs. In this way they become slave of their drugs but in the higher planetary systems, there is no such effect, there is no death, but there is a situation where you may lose your right to stay there. kñéëe puëye martya-lokaà viçanti, when the piety becomes reduced then one falls down and comes down to the earth planet. That is a roundabout process; they do not come straight to the earth planet. It is a long, long process; anyway I do not want to get into it. The point is the purpose of so-called material enjoyment is to realize that there is no enjoyment that is why it is good to suffer, because when you suffer you come to your senses that I am suffering. One of the conditions for initiation in vedic scriptures is tapa means suffering, in order to take to spiritual life one must suffer; if you did not suffer enough then you are not qualified to get initiation. Suffer! Through the suffering what do you realize? I do not want to stay here; I want to get out of this place. The proper way to get out of this place is by surrendering to Krishna. Like you are in a prison house, you can get out of the prison in two ways. One way is to dig a tunnel out of the prison, you can get out of the prison but is it really becoming free? No.  You have to hide all the time and the police will be after you and you have to run away from the police all the time and if you are caught, not only you will be sent back to the prison house but the prison terms will be more intensified; that is a  negative way of escaping the prison conditions. But the positive way is by surrendering to the king, tell him that I have made a mistake by defying your laws, I made a mistake by not accepting your authority, so here I am I recognize my mistake and I am surrendering myself unto you. Please my lord forgive me for all my offenses at your lotus feet. Now I am yours. The king gets to know your attitude and what will he do? The king will see whether you really rectified your perverted mentality. The king will tell to the prison authorities: “Watch him carefully, see how he behaves.” The prison authorities say: “This person is the king’s man; the king is taking a favorable attitude towards him.” They start giving him all kind of facilities. “Your bed is not good enough, please come and get a especial mattress. You do not like this food here is better food for you. Here are better facilities for you.” This is how when one surrenders to the king even though he may be in the prison, the prison authority starts giving him all facilities. So that is what happens when one becomes a devotee, the authority of the prison house starts giving him all kinds of facilities. Then they see that this person is a role model for the other prisoners, they put him up, every prisoner watches him; this is how you should become. The other prisoners come to him and tell him: “Tell me what you did?” He says: “ I just surrendered to the king, all I did is I wrote a letter to him saying I am sorry, I made a mistake, I promised I will never make that mistake again, I am completely surrendered soul to you and you do whatever you want to do with me.” So the other prisoners think: “Oh! Is that true? All the prison authorities appoint him that you go from prison to prison and you tell everybody what actually happened to you after you surrendered to the king.  Then, at some point, when the king sees that he has been such a good servant, the king says: “Now you release him and bring him to my palace, I need some good servant like him.” If somebody wants to serve somebody why should not want him to be near him? This is how the king of kings, the Supreme Personality of Godhead calls the living entity back to the spiritual sky.

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Q: What are the rules and regulations in the lower planets?
A: They do not actually bother about the rules and regulations of the scriptures. They have their own rules and regulations. They have their rulers and they follow their rules. There is no democracy. There also they have monarchy. The snakes are there and the king of the snakes is Vasuki. Whatever Vasuki decides everyone follows. If Vasuki says do not do this, they will say: “Yes my Lord.” They have their rules and regulations but not so much the vedic injunctions. In lower planetary systems they do not perform sacrifices but they have their karmic reactions.

Q: In karma kanda and Jnana kanda section, the goal is liberation. When we talk of those who are too attached to the flowery language of the Vedas, is it referring also to the karma kandis and Jnana kandis?
A: No. That is not referring to the karma kanda.
yam imäà puñpitäà väcaà pravadanty avipaçcitaù BG 2.42
Jnana leads to liberation; Karma Kanda leads to enjoyment, bhukti. The desire for enjoyment in the material nature leads to karma kanda. After enjoying for so many years fulfilling all your desires, when you see that you are still suffering, there is so many such instances. King Chitraketu, the ruler of the earth planet, but so sad so unhappy he does not have a son. But what does a king not have? He has everything practically, but still we are seeing that he is not happy, he does not have a son. So Angira Rsi comes and says: “Okay, you will get a son.” Now he is very happy I have a son but the son is poisoned again he is submerged in an ocean of sorrows, then Narada Muni comes along with Angira Rsi and instructs him. Now he is ready, he suffered enough; he realizes the actual state of affairs in the material nature. Now he is situated in knowledge. But Jnana kanda generally has also stages: Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya and Yoga. These four branches of philosophy fall in the Jnana kanda. It is leading to the question: Why am I suffering? How can I get out of this suffering condition? That endeavor for knowledge is there how to get out but then the fulfillment of knowledge is in devotional service. The suffering condition can be mitigated only through devotional service. As I said you can either run away from the prison, escape from the prison or surrender to the king. Which is the real way to get out of the prison? Surrendering to the king is the real way.

Q: inaudible
A: Demigods‘s bodies are more subtle body. Five elements are there but they are in a very subtle form. Lower species you go more grosser elements will be there like earth, water, fire , air ether. You go to the trees body or rock’s body, the body is so gross: earth; but you are going to the higher form of life, more predominant element: water. For example in the human body the predominating factor is water then higher you go the predominating element of the body is fire. Higher you go it is air. In this planet, the body is mostly earth body and water body; but higher planetary systems more fiery body. Like the sun planet, what kind of body do they have? You can’t afford to have a water body, you will dissolve straight away. And beyond fire it is air, that is why Vamanadev is considered to be the most powerful demigod; not oxygen, hydrogen, that kind of air; präëa, apäna, vyäna, samäna and udäna,but in that some earth some water
Q: Question: Spiritual life ends our suffering, why are the devotees suffering?
A: This body is subject to karmic reactions. It is a product of karma and also subject to karma. Whatever the karma, the body will go through but when one takes to Krishna consciousness, it is not that the body will not go through the suffering condition. But because he has taken to Krishna consciousness, he is not affected by the suffering condition. For example the doctor is operating on a patient having a by-pass surgery, the first thing they do they cut your ribs, they open it up like this then they take the heart and they operate on the heart. Does the patient feel any pain? No. Why Not? Because of anesthetics. What does anesthetic do? Anesthetic inactivates the nervous system so you do not feel any pain because the feeling of pleasure and pain are carried by the nerves. So if the nerves are numbed means that the consciousness is not flowing through the nervous system, there is no feeling of pain. What does Krishna consciousness? Anesthetic do it artificially by injecting some anesthetic which numb the nervous system. Krishna consciousness naturally shifts the consciousness from the body to Krishna. When you are Krishna conscious what does it mean? It means your consciousness is with Krishna. So what happens to your body? Is your consciousness in your body? If your consciousness is not in your body, if something happens to your body do you feel that? You do not feel it. So now you may say that that is at a very advanced stage when one’s consciousness is completely with Krishna. What about less advanced devotees like us? With us what will happen when we will go through the suffering condition, we will become more aware of the nature of the body and the nature of consciousness what the karmis can not do. The karmis, they do not have the higher understanding; they get affected. Whereas the devotee deals with the understanding that I am suffering that is the condition of the body and they want to leave this body. When you are suffering do you want to stay in this body? No. So in this way you become more and more detached and eventually by nature’s arrangement, the consciousness will be redrawn from the body. As the body grows old you can see the consciousness is redrawn from the body more and more. Then finally the time of death will come and how will you feel? Now the time has come for me to get out of this body. So let us take advantage of that. Or will you say: ‘ I do not want to leave this body.” What will be your situation? Will you want to stay in this body or get out of this body? When you leave this body, where will you want to go? Do you want to come back again? Where do you want to go? Remember Krishna. So the suffering condition that a devotee goes through is good for his own benefit. Krishna is all merciful whatever he makes a devotee go through after he surrenders to Him is good for his own benefit. That is one way to look at it. Another way to look at it :.The devotee will go through the suffering condition but because he is situated in spiritual identity, those suffering conditions will not affect him. He will not feel the suffering. And Prabhupada gave the example of a fan when it has been switched off, it is moving out of inertia, but there is no power behind it; it is a way to come to a stand. Go through suffering condition is actually a way to come to a stand still situation, free from the bodily designation. Another consideration is that one may think that he or she is suffering but is he being affected by that? If the answer is No, so the suffering condition does not really matter. As long as the suffering is there, Krishna is telling täàs titikñasva bhärata BG 2.14. You are in a place of suffering, what can you expect here? So it is natural that suffering will come, tolerate it. But as a devotee you are in a much better situation to tolerate than a non devotee.

Q: How to balance our material and spiritual life? For example when one comes to an understanding of spiritual life he wants to quit his studies…
A: No. A devotee whatever he does, he does in the best possible way. I f a devotee is studying he should not give up his studies but he should consider that I am doing it I must do it in the best possible way. That is the sign of a good character
How many of you are students here? Are you studying well? Why did not you go to school? Laughter. Okay! You did not go to school but study well, become the best. Like Arjuna he is the best because he is doing it for Krishna. For a devotee, everything is spiritualized because he is doing it for Krishna; he does it in the best possible way.

Q: Why Bali Maharaja was in charge of the lower planetary system?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A: Daityas’s residence is actually the lower planetary systems. Since Bali Maharaja was a Daitya so that  was his appropriate place. Heavenly planets were not an appropriate place for him. Krishna sent him there since he was a Daitya but when time comes, just wait for this Manvantara to end and next Manvantara Bali Maharaja will take the position of Indra. This is how Krishna fulfills the desire of his devotees. You want something you will get it do not worry but do not rush and do not create disturbance in the society.
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Transcription : Her Grace Archana Dasi
Editing : Ramananda Raya Dasa