Sri Sri Gaura-Natai Lead International Global Warning Conference In Durban, South-Africa.

Sri Sri Gaura-Natai Lead International Global Warning Conference In Durban, South-Africa.

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Article sent by His Grace Ramkinkara Dasa

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It was a major breakthrough and victory for ISKCON KwaZulu-Natal during its truly International Harinam procession on West Street, that turned into a world class  stage, with international participation and world newsmen  focusing their fancy cameras  on Their Lordships Sri Natai Gaura Hari carried on a beautiful palanquin.

The 194-Nation talks at COP17 Climate Conference is taking place at the Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban. The Global Day of Action March was a  resounding success on Saturday 3rd December 2011, which started at 10am.

Approximately 10 000 people from Civil Society, Schools, Institutions of Higher Learning, Faith Based Movements etc, jointly  demonstrated support for environmental justice.

ISKCON was a living example, carrying banners: ‘ISKCON Simple Living and High Thinking’ and Save our ‘Oceans and Rivers’ at the most prestigious World Class Parade led by the South African Army, Riot Police, Durban City Police on horse back and Martial.

A variety of video, still cameras and sound track recorders, focused on the rhythm of the Holy Names sang by enchanting devotees accompanied by  melodious beats of two mrdangas, kartals, wampers and a guest African joined with the African Drums.

Making a brief stop-over at Durban City Hall in a special hand-over ceremony of Srila Prabhupada’s books, the Bhagavad-Gita, Divine Nature and Paper on Divine Nature was handed by Dr Krishna Prasad Rambarran to the Speaker of the Durban City, Mr Logie Govender and by Vaidarbhi Devi Dasi to Mayor  Kgosi Teyane of Johannesburg and by Facilitator, Radha Damodar das to Executive Deputy Mayor of Witzemburg in Cape Town, Councilor Karriem Adams.

This Vaishnava gesture of offering gifts, cited by Srila Rupa Goswami are one of the six loving exchanges that came on the eve of Gita Jayanti. The highest gift in love

Many African University students bought Srila Prabhupada’s Books,’ My Books are My Spiritual Time Bombs’,  said Srila Prabhupada. Enthusiastic students bought a few books to read and learn about Krishna Consciousness.

Book Distribution was big, Madu Mangal bramachari das distributed a huge trolley suitcase of books. We did a medium size backpack.

The Harinam attracted everyone  naturally dancing to the tune of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare melodious tunes.

The procession and chanting came to a sad close at 5pm with serving over 500 hungry international and local guests, enjoying a delicious plate of prasadam.

This momentous chanting of Hare Krishna and Hare Rama remains in our hearts because it is the direct inspiration of Srila Bhakti Charu Swami in his last visit to South Africa, on a morning Japa walk, we briefly discussed the benefits of Harinam on the Beachfront, saving young suicidal people and engaging the Youth in chanting Hare Krishna. ‘Just continuing having Harinam’, said, His Holiness, Bhakti Charu Swami with a beautiful smiling face.

We are trying in a small way to serve Srila Prabhupada, His mission, ISKCON and the whole world is directly benefiting, said Mr Divesh Maharaj,  facilitator of the event.

This march was a one-stop shop for ISKCON, about 10 000 participants from all over the country and world participated, getting the Dharsan, mercy, holy names, food for life, book distribution and devotee association all ‘on the house’.

Also see attached a paper on “Divine Nature” distributed freely to COP17 delegates, participants , government officials etc. on the procession.

Please note that the discussion on climate change will continue this week on Wednesday, 7th December at the SSRR Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding.

Hare Krishna

With love

Your ever well wisher

Ramkinkar das and Team

Ms Van Dang of Califonia, USA, a Vegan Chef works at Golden Lotus Restaurant receives ISKCON Paper on Divine Nature, Higher Taste and Krishna Book Vol 1. from Vaidarbhi Devi. Looking on is Ramoll Bugwandeen

Pic 5 Mr Divesh Maharaj, Facilitator  with Akanda Kirtana Das,  Preaching Centre President for ISKCON Umlazi with his new disciples.

Mayor of the City of Johannesburg Councilor Kgosi Tyane receive a Book gift pack from Vaidarbhi Devi Dasi. Copy of Bhagavad Gita, Divine Nature and thePaper on Divine Nature

Mr Divesh Maharaj, Mr Logie Naidoo, Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Councilor Kgosi Tyane, Natai, Ramkinkar das, Akanda Kirtana Das.

His Grace Radha Damodar hand over Srila Prabhupada’s Book The King of Knowledge to the Executive Deputy Mayor of  Witzemburg, Cape Town, Councilor Karriem Adams.