South Africa’s Rainbow Nation Gets Srila Prabhupada Books

South Africa’s Rainbow Nation Gets Srila Prabhupada Books

“Please Distribute Books”- South Africa’s Rainbow Nation gets Srila Prabhupada Books – African Preaching, New ISKCON Umlazi Preaching Centre.

Article sent by His Grace Ramkinkar Dasa

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“These books and magazines are our most important propaganda weapons to defeat  the ignorance of maya’s army, and the more we produce such literature and sell them profusely all over the world, the more we shall deliver the world from the suicide course”, Srila Prabhupada, wrote to Jayadvaita.

“You should always think of new outlets for distributing my books,” Srila Prabhupada wrote to Jagadisa.

And new outlets the devotees found-shopping centers, malls, parking lots. They were meeting more people than ever before.

By entering the malls and shopping centers, the devotees plunged into the heart of America society, meeting pious and impious, rich and poor, black and white.

Book-selling was still difficult, but the devotees preserved, carrying their heavy book bags and distributing the literature they knew could solve all problems.

On duty at the School Sport Leagues Tri-Provincial Tournaments held at the Port Natal High School in Durban on Thursday, the last half working day of 2011, the team was happy to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s Books to the Rainbow Nation of KwaZulu-Natal, Ms Zama Hlathi, African, Mrs Naomi du Plessis Afrikaaner  and Mrs Isha Mahomed, an Indian Muslim got the mercy of Srila Prabhupada in the form of his books.

Distributing Books, will increase Srila Prabhupada’s pleasure and give us joy.

Ms Zama Hlathi, 20 years old a Textile Technology, 2nd year student at Durban University of Technology. Initially had no money for a book, I said check nicely and she found money in her purse in her mum’s car. I asked her do you read and her reply was, “I am a big reader”. She purchased “Life comes from Life”.

Mrs Naomi du Plessis, proprietor of Naomi Function in the Bluff was the appointed catering company by the National Department of Basic Education for two days at the School Sport Leagues Tri-Provincial Tournaments held at the Port Natal High School in Durban. She said that she was from another faith but would be happy to give a donation.  She purchased, “The King of Knowledge”.

Mrs Isha Mahomed, a Muslim, two years to retirement was involved In the medical services from the Education Pinetown District purchased, “The King of Knowledge”.

African Preaching
New ISKCON Umlazi Preaching Centre

Mr Jayandra Naidoo and Ms Nerisha Bridglall, staff at Maiters Service Station in Verulam, supports African Preaching, ISKCON Umlazi new Preaching Centre bybuying a ticket of R100.00 for their first fund raising Cultural Dinner Evening to be held this evening at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple of Understandingon Bhaktivedanta Circle in Chatsworth, Durban.

Tickets are available at the entrance of the event. See Radha Damodar das, Mr Divesh Maharaj or Vaidarbhi Devi Dasi.

The event is scheduled to start at 7pm this evening, 17 December 2011. Our team at very short notice managed to distribute 24 tickets to help the African Preaching at ISKCON Umlazi Preaching Centre to completely new people.

The keen interest shown to support ISKCON African Preaching is amazing from all faith based people and organizations.

The team is happy to support this project as it is the desire of HH Bhakti Charu Swami at a Darshan held a few years ago at His Grace Sunil Mohan’s Ashram, humbly requested a few devotees/disciples to get involved in African Preaching.

Fifth photo,

At yesterday’s Harinam on the Durban Beach front, Bay of Plenty, led by His Grace Ananda Tirtha das from Wit bank, Eastern Transvaal. He bought five tickets in support of African Preaching. A video clip is also attached.

Hare Krishna

Thank you very much

With love

Ramkinkar das and Team