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The following article is inspired by a reply letter from His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami I received this morning.

We billions of small, tiny spirit souls are deeply entangled in the waves of Maya Devi.  We try to sleep on her lap but we are constantly beaten by her assistants.  Hiding in stone houses, decorated apartments and other temporary dwellings, we aim for a peaceful, stable life with plenty of exiting pleasures with family, the other sex, holiday trips, parties… Dreams of enjoyment in the material world, is there a limit?  But jerky Monday looks around the corner already… Still, let’s write a song about that one also: “O Monday, Monday It’s A Beautiful Day …”  Doesn’t that little devil feel also like becoming worthwhile, there must be a mysteriously hidden catch with Mister Mondays  also…?

James Leininger, a two year old American boy around 2002.  The tender toddler suffers from the most intense, scary nightmares.  His mother Andrea, former dance artist, is in all states with her first and dear most baby.  Hours of phone calls with the panel, her family members and some friends on the other side of the US do not provide her with immediate solutions. Andrea’s mother and sisters conclude over the phone that it’s perfectly normal for kids to have nightmares.

Some time later,  Andrea’s sister Jenny visits the Leininger family for a weekend in La Fayette, Louisiana US, 200 km from Iskcon New Orleans Temple. During that night James does his nightmare and alarmed by the screaming, Jenny rushes out of her sleeping room.  Confronted with the extreme chilling sounds she gets stuck, she cannot not move anymore!  Never had she lived anything like THAT!! This is totally BEYOND her experiences with kids!

“PLANE ON FIRE, LITTLE MAN CAN’T GET OUT’.  Andrea detects James’ words after many months of  fierce, exhausting nightmares.  While she panicked, she never realized her baby was expressing something tangible, he was just reacting to obviously unbearable, scorching pains.  Little James started to speak around that period.

Later in the story, with the help of Carol Bowman, a Philadelphia, US based woman, specialized in trauma treatment of kids, James gets more peaceful.  Now he has nightmares only once or twice a week etc.  At this point he starts to reveal details of an apparent previous life.  But Bruce, his daddy, radically rejects the idea of reincarnation.  Bruce is a sincere christian, well educated American human resource engineer.  He will NOT listen to any kind of such NONSENSE.

Still, James’ strange obsessions for airplanes are most unusual. At his age he seems to know far too much about airplanes.  While Andrea takes James out to a shop, her eyes fall on a toy airplane : “Look James,” she goes,”the plane has a bomb underneath!”  “That’s not a bomb, Mam” the about two and a half year old boy replies, “THAT’S A DROP-TANK!!”  Andrea herself, Bruce, Jenny and grandma don’t know what to think about all this.  But from this point onwards in this true story a profound and serious interest has awakened in Bruce, a caring daddy who loves his small, tender toddler.

“Who is that little man, James?” “Me!”.  Andrea is shocked each time James unveils a little detail of his secret story.  She cannot force him.  He tells things whenever he wants, she is scared that he will stop revealing such details once and for all if she tries to forcefully get more out of him. “What happened to your plane, James”, his mother asks him.  “It was shot,” “Who shot it down ?” Bruce asks.  Now James becomes real nervous.  How is it that his father does not know who shot him down? “The JAPANESE of course!!”.  “What kind of plane you were flying, James?” Bruce asks another evening.  “A CORSAIR”  This is too much.  Bruce is too curious to just leave it like that.  With the help of the new hype, the Internet, information gets more and more easily accessible.  “Where did your plane get up James”  “From a boat”  “What was the name of the boat?” “NATOMA”

Bruce finds out on the internet that the “NATOMA” is an actual real existing plane-carrier, it is still there in the Pacific Ocean!!!  “Was there anyone else flying with you ?”  “Yes, Jack” “Jack Larson”  Again Bruceills chills when he finds out that “Jack Larson” is a living person, who served on the NATOMA BAY in the US war with JAPAN!!

During his innocent early youth years James Leininger reveals about 50 details about which Bruce at all costs wants to find the proof that this cannot be true,  one after another discovers all to be absolutely true.  Finally Bruce organizes a meeting between his son James and the veteran pilots of the Natoma Bay ship.  One of the veterans, moved by the mere sight of James, asks him : “Do you who I am?” “You are Bob Greenwald”, is James immediate reply.  “How did you know this?” Bruce, once again stunned, asks James.  “I recognized his voice”.

Related to James’ burning airplane in the Pacific ocean in 1946, is a 5000 years old story of a great warrior Arjuna.  According to the authentic information written in Vedic scriptures like the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, about 64 million people died in 18 days during a World War fought fought in Kuruksetra, India about 64 millions died in 18 days.  When immediately after the war,  Krishna tells Arjuna to jump from his chariot,  the golden vehicle burns to ashes in no time.  So much hit by nuclear and other deadly  weapons, only the apparent mystical power of Sri Krishna mysteriously kept that vehicle together.

Completely illusioned, we spirit souls think we are relishing love when we are hit by lust and greed, we love to vent our anger when in reality our tiny, little self gets hurt by anger attacks to such an extent that we loose memory, then illusion hits harder, then madness … The soul loses track of everything and its plane is speeding uncontrollably towards unknown scary destinations..


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