Notes On Wedding Address And Morning Class By His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami

Notes On Wedding Address And Morning Class By His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami

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Notes sent by Her Grace Archana Dasi

Gurumaharaja spoke on the wedding day of Aditya Narayana and Ratna Radhika Way to enter the Grhastha ashrama.  Grhastha means reponsability.  In the age of Kali, nobody wants to be responsible, symptom of an animalistic society; so varnasram is falling apart.

An ideal couple will first accept Krsna Consciousness, the teachings of Srila Prabhupada; everything else is secondary.

Parents mold the life of their children, educate them to become devotees. Nowadays kids do not receive guidance from the parents therefore they are lost and instead of becoming an asset for the society, they are becoming a burden.

Father and mother are working, children are sent to the “Crèches” and as a result of that they “Crash”.  Vedic culture says that until the age of eight, a child should be under the custody of the mother. After the age of eight, a girl should remain under the supervision of the mother until she will get married; but the boy should be under the care of his father, otherwise he will become feminine.


SB 4.2.22

Nandéçvara cursed the followers of Daksa who were karma kandis brahmanas.
Four kind of people

1) The Bhukti kamis follow the Karma Kanda section of the Vedas
2) The Mukti kamis follow the Jnana Kanda section of the Vedas.
3) The Siddhis kamis perform Yoga
4) The Bhaktas perform devotional service

The activities of the bhuktikamis, the muktikamis, the siddhikamis are fruitives activities performed to enjoy the material nature.  The material nature, from Patalaloka to Satyaloka, is a place of suffering and the body is an instrument to receive pain. Enjoyment in the material nature is compared to äkäça-puñpäyate, flower in the sky, illusion or phantasmagoria.  Real enjoyment comes from the following of the four regulative principles.  Happiness is the fulfillment of our desires. You may with money try to be happy on earth but the way to go to the higher
planets is by acquiring piety, but when Kñéëe puëye, the resultant action of pious activities will be finished, you will have to leave the place. The purpose of material nature is to realize that there is no enjoyment in the material world.
Suffering brings us back to our senses. Initiation starts with tapasya, austerity.

Question: Spiritual life ends our suffering, why are the devotees suffering?

It may appear to be suffering but if the devotee is not affected there is no suffering. Krsna consciousness is compared to an anesthetic. When one goes through a by-pass surgery, very painful operation, but he does not feel anything because the anesthetic does not allow the consciousness to flow through the nervous system. In the same way, the practice of Krsna consciousness
switches our conciousness from the body consciousness to Krsna consciousness. By becoming Krsna conscious, we become more aware of the nature of the gross and subtle body and we do not want to stay in this body. Death frees us from this body.  Krsna is so merciful whatever He does is for our benefit. This material nature is a place of suffering but as devotees we are better off.