Iskcon Ujjain Istagosthi With His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami

Iskcon Ujjain Istagosthi With His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami

Sent By His Grace Krishnarchan Dasa

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Ishtagoshthi in Iskcon Ujjain by His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami Guru Maharaja (Summarised and paraphrased)

All of you become fixed-up devotees. Krishna consciousness means fun.  Krishna is anandamaya. Sometimes there is distress because of the demons but Krishna takes care of the situation. The distressful situation is there to enhance the joy of the devotees. E.g. when the sun comes after the rain, those rays are most wonderful.

We should develop our appreciation of the association of devotees because it is through that association that we derive our joy.

Everyone should feel welcome. Everyone should feel wanted. We should create such an environment that the devotees who come here do not want to go back, and even if they go back, they should want to come back soon.

A devotee is always very kind because he does not desire anything. They are not here to take anything but to give.

Devotees are not afraid of dying because they feel that at the time of death they will get Krishna and hence everything.

Devotees are not afraid of losing anything. Once I was in Chandigarh in 1979. I went by foot with a small group of devotees and did not have any money. It did not matter in which direction I was going. We came upon a
village and sat under a tree. Soon, several village people came and sat around us. They asked us whether we liked to eat something. We told them that we cook ourselves. Soon, they brought the ingredients for making prasadam. We cooked, served them too and they were so happy. Afterwards, we came across a group of well-built men, who offered to help us cross a river. They also gave us the materials for cooking. One of them asked us about our parampara. The leader of the group came up to this person and slapped tight on his face, saying, “What do you know about parampara? Just listen to the baba!” Later, as we left, one of them told us that they were a group of dacoits! This is India – even dacoits have respect for sadhus.

Go village to village and Krishna will take care. In the Old testament, it is mentioned how once Moses and his followers were travelling through a desert to reach Israel. Even there, God provided with food called Manna. However, some of them were bored of eating manna and wanted to eat meat. Moses told them that they will get it, but they have to face the consequences. They soon found a group of birds flying by. They caught them and cooked their meat. Soon afterwards, all those who ate the meat were struck with a disease and died.

We have to be content with what Krishna gives us. Krishna will take care of us in the most wonderful way. We should reflect on what Krishna has already given us. What can be more wonderful than a lungful of fresh air? All the nectar of the world put together cannot be equal to even a single breath.

Sometimes I become heavy on you, but that is also out of my duty.  It is like a doctor treating a patient. As a child, we had an uncle who was a doctor, whom we called Doctor kaka. Whenever he would come to our house, he gave us an injection, or a very bitter medicine. We used to be afraid of him because of that. But he was doing it for our benefit. When I get heavy on you, you come close to me.

(Guru Maharaja was told by Krishna Das, a school going boy, that in their school they will be asked to watch a movie, on which they had to do some exercise.) If you are given the freedom to choose, you can choose Abhay Charan or some other good movie. Or you can recommend them to show Abhay Charan. (Laughter) Anyway, I am sure they will show you a good movie. Once
I showed a good movie named Rang de basanti. (Rang, in Hindi, means color.) Ours is the real Rang de basanti (Guru Maharaja points out to his cloth, which is, of course, saffron color. Everyone laughs at the pun intended).

Srila Prabhupada said, “Do not have any regrets about having taken sannyasa.”

Srila Prabhupada said, “Anyone who has life, he can preach.”

Preach Krishna consciousness boldly. A devotee’s heart is very soft. Srila Prabhupada instructed Prabhavishnu Maharaja to preach with the courage of an Englishman and the heart of a Bengali mother. Of course, all mothers are affectionate, whether Bengali or Punjabi. This morning, I was thinking that to have a cool head, you need a warm heart. We need to have a cool head and a warm heart. Cool head means a peaceful mind. Warm heart means a kind heart. The opposite condition is not at all desirable: A hot head and a cold heart! (Laughter)