In Memoriam Srimati Yamuna Dasi

In Memoriam Srimati Yamuna Dasi

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Sent By Her Grace Yamuna Priya Dasi

*By Malati Devi Dasi* Hare Krishna Respected Vaishnavas: With immense sorrow and deep regret, I beg to report the departure of Her Grace Yamuna devi dasi, premier disciple of Srila Prabhupada, known for her deeply spiritual qualities and connection with His Divine Grace, for her glorious offering of the Govindam prayers that we hear and chant daily, for her love of pure kirtan, for her ecstatic award winning cook books which were infused with spiritual anecdotes, for greatly inspiring and encouraging the younger generation of ISKCON devotees in their KC, on this morning of Saphala Ekadasi, in her Melborne Beach Florida ashram-kutir which she shared with her dearest friend and companion in devotional service, Dinatarine. I cannot even begin to describe this profound loss. Since poor health has been giving her so much pain and suffering there can be little doubt that Krishna gently called her back to His loving shelter. Nonetheless, please offer your loving prayers on her behalf. I am immensely grateful that I was able to spend the auspicious occasion of Srila Bhaktisiddanta Sarasvati’s Thakur’s Disappearance in her association last Wednesday. in Srila Prabhupada’s service, malati dd

*Hari-sauri dasa:* Dear Maharajas and Prabhus, Please accept my humble obeisances _/\ò_. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! I just heard from Abhiram prabhu that Srimate Yamuna devi dasi, Srila Prabhupada’s beloved daughter, has passed away from apparent heart attack in Melbourne Florida USA. He heard this directly from Dina Tarini dasi about two hours ago. (time of writing this is 7.45PM India time). Briefly it seems she was experiencing some angina attack late last night USA east coast time (Dec. 19). The two of them had kirtan together and Yamuna went to bed around midnight. Dina Tarini woke early in the morning and discovered Yamuna sitting in a chair with her hand in her bead bag but she had already left. May Srila Prabhupada and her beloved Sri Sri Bana Bihari take her back to Their eternal abode. We have suffered a great great loss. Your humble servant, Hari-sauri dasa **

*Giriraj Swami:* As we lament the departure of our dear godsister and Srila Prabhupada’s beloved daughter Yamuna-devi—and rejoice in her reunion with him—I quote from a letter she wrote me some years ago: “I remember when Dina and I visited you in your house in Vrindavan. We asked you one question, and you took three hours to answer it: ‘How has your relationship with Srila Prabhupada changed since his departure?’ The departure of loved ones helps us to change, to go deeper. Surely this will happen . . .”