His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami In Iskcon Gurgaon

His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami In Iskcon Gurgaon

Sent By His Grace Pankajalochana Krishna Dasa

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24th December 2011,

It was 4’o clock in the morning and I was really very excited about my long journey under the divine guidance of Srila Gurudev. My heart was beating some different beat today and I was experiencing a little ferventness throughout my body about what all was just beginning. What a transformation of heart I was undergoing, that just after I got up in the morning I was
able to think of all the services that I was supposed to render today to my Guru Maharaj, A pure devotee of Lord Krsna. I prayed to Lord Krsna that I should feel almost similar attitude of gratefulness for my Gurudev throughout whole day.

Guru Maharaj, out of his love for Lord Krsna, went for Mangala Arotika and meanwhile I, out of love for my Gurudev, was taking care of His and my Gurudev’s approbation was necessary. We had planned to leave from temple by 5:40 AM but even after the Mangala Arotika, the devotees were visiting Guru Maharaj in his room one after other. Then finally we reformed the plan and
decided that I will leave early and do the baggage’s check-in. Following the instructions of Guru Maharaj I offered my prayers and took permission from our aaraadhya deva Sri Sri Radha Madan-Mohan ji and then took permission from Srila Gurudev and finally left for Indore airport at 6:12 AM in a separate car along with H G Vishnujana Prabhu. During our travel to
Indore Airport I was remembering that Guru Maharaj asked me at least three times whether everything was packed and set. But I had already checked it more than once according to my self-assumed check-list.

Within 45 minutes we reached Airport. The flight was Jet Airways 9W-7122, scheduled to depart at 7:30 AM and announced to take 1 hour 15 minutes to land at Delhi Airport.

As soon as the plane landed at the Airport there was shocking news from the cabin crew. “Welcome to Delhi International Airport – Terminal 3, the temperature outside is 4 degree Celsius and we wish you a pleasant stay.”  The conjunction in this particular announcement seem to be little  contradictory to me as my mouth and eyes were wide open out of astonishment and we were looking at each other shockingly. Looking at me Srila Gurudev said “ It’s 4 degrees!!!.” In Ujjain the temperature was in between 10-15 degree and in 1 hour we came to Delhi where the temperature is 4 degrees.  From Airport we went to H G Radheshyam Prabhu’s house (A congregation devotee in Gurgaon, close to DIA, and a disciple of H H Mahanidhi Swami
Maharaja.). By the time we reached his house it was 9:00 AM but still chilling my bones.

Since H G Radheshyam prabhu belonged to a Punjabi family, I was relishing all the Punjabi recipes and specially those palatable parathas with two cubes of butter on each of them. Oh Krsna!!!, everything was melting out of some divine mellow starting from the butter over the parathas to tongue inside my mouth to saliva on my tongue and finally to heart. All glories to
Srila Gurudev.

At 12:00 PM, there was a congregational program at Ananda Prabhu’s house.  In the presence of Srila Gurudev, Ananda prabhu was inviting Sri Sri Gaura Nitai to his house by doing ecstatic Harinaam Kirtan and followed by a wonderful class by H H Bhakti Charu Swami Guru-Maharaj.

Srila Gurudev started with Mangalacharan. In a wonderful way, He was explaining about world’s root problem and a real solution to it. He was explaining that the world today is afflicted with number of problems, although the leaders today are assuring that they will solve the problem and they may also be trying for it but unfortunately they don’t know what the problem is. Then he goes on explaining about the problems, the problem is that we are at our father’s house and we are not accepting him as our father.

*Sarva-loka-mahesvaram* [B.G. 5.29] Krsna Says “I am the proprietor of everything.. everything belongs to Me”, *tena tyaktena bhunjitha*..He is maintaining everybody…*yat kincha jagatyam jagat* He is giving everyone their quota, weather big or small. An ant also gets his quota of one small rice and an elephant also gets his quota.

Later he kept on explaining about today’s tendency comparing with that of Vedic knowledge. He was explaining that in today’s world, people’s mentality goes like this ..*mamavasyam idam sarvam*..everything should belong to me, everything belongs to me.

Later he explained all this by a wonderful example that how today people are developing a mentality of Donkey.

What does a donkey need? He only needs some grass, and plenty of grass is available everywhere but what does a donkey think, that unless I work hard for my master I won’t get my meal (grass). This is what a donkey’s mentality is and this is what we all are developing in today’s world.

*“Human beings are the only creatures who are not satisfied with his needs but only motivated by his greeds”.* Explaining this He gave an example often mentioned by Srila Prabhupada, that you put a bag of rice on street and you will find in the morning few birds will come and they will eat whatever they want and will leave the rest then some cows and goat will come and they will also take according to their quota and leave, but as soon as a human being will come he will take away the whole bag of rice
with him.

*“Scarcity is not from nature but from human society”* He summarized.

And then finally He concluded his lecture by saying, “Srila Prabhupada is the only one who is teaching the whole world even today through his International Society Of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Please follow this process of Krsna Bhakti , Krsna Consciousness that Srila Prabhupada gave us, and the process is very simple, just chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra and what does it take to follow it is just a little time and little energy to vibrate your tongue.”.

After this enlightening and enlivening lecture by Srila Gurudev there was an ecstatic kirtan by Guru Maharaj and almost all the assembled devotees were dancing upon the tune. Then Srila Gurudev took His lunch and soon after that we left for H G Radheshyam Prabhu’s house.

Night arrived with a glass of hot milk just before going to bed to take rest. It was freezing cold throughout the day and I had been shivering and trembling out of chills but still there was a sense of security and under the divine shelter of Srila Gurudev another wonderful day came to an end.

Jai Srila Prabhupada!!!

yours in the service of Srila Gurudev

your servant

Pankajalochan Krsna Dasa