Her Grace Chitranga Devi Dasi Reply Letter On Open Letter By His Holines Bhakti Charu Swami

Her Grace Chitranga Devi Dasi Reply Letter On Open Letter By His Holines Bhakti Charu Swami

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Reply Letter  By Her Grace Chitrangada Devi Dasi

Dear God-Brothers and Sisters,

Hare Krishna.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All Glories to beloved Guru Maharaja, whose lotus feet is the shelter for
our creeper of devotion.

It has indeed been sometime since I shared my thoughts and views with all of  you via my “Realizations”. I  have been genuinely  trying to put into words my many observations and thoughts on the recent but most atrocious rumours about Guru Maharaja in the internet in the name of “news”. My anger which later transformed into distress  left me debilitated. I have since not been able to collate my  thoughts and convert them into  simple words. After reading Guru Maharaja’s reply entitled “An Open Letter by His Holiness Bhakti  Charu Swami” , my every instinct was to pick up arms and defend my Gurudeva from the demons who dare question his integrity or his allegiance to Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON or even his impeccable standing as a leader of this movement. I realized that I must have my say and speak up as a person with valid locus standi to address the subject matter in hand.

My dear spiritual family, before I proceed further I humbly exonerate myself from any kind of implicit impression of being “instructive” or condescending, I am but merely  putting across my own views as a disciple who was closely connected to the subject matter (McPhar). I believe as a servant of my spiritual master, it is my responsibility to further fortify if not corroborate the truths elucidated  in his “Open Letter”. It is most unfortunate, if not sad to think that Guru Maharaja had to even respond to these written profanities but he was compelled to do so to protect the minds of  the ISKCON devotees, the disciples and peoples at large from being “disturbed” by these untruths. To some perverted minds, Guru Maharaja’s Open Letter may seem to be a “defence” to his character assassination but less do they  realize that his only concern is to protect ISKCON’s reputation in the eye of the unaware masses.

Guru Maharaja is an empowered soul. He is empowered to undertake colossal projects to please  Srila Prabhupada like some of our other stalwart acharyas in the movement today. Their sole purpose or intent is to keep ISKCON a living, breathing entity, to realize Srila Prabhupada’s wish to create a world of devotees and so much more  that mere mortals like you and I cannot even possibly conceive. The progressive success of our movement today after Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance is a result of their commitment, vision and unprecedented faith in the teachings  of Shri Chaitanya Mahapabhu. We, the “common” devotee are indeed not entitled to evaluate, compare or even criticize their efforts what more breach the fundamental edicts of our vedic scripture by uttering blasphemous comments.

Just like Srila Prabhupada who was assisted by his disciples to build temples, to create businesses or  communities , Sudipto Gaura Vigraha das also wanted to assist his spiritual master in the same way. In that regard when Guru Maharaja was approached  by  Sudipto das on the opportunity of taking a business called McPhar to greater scales, Guru Maharaja encouraged him not for his personal gain or enrichment but to engage Sudipto das in devotional service. Gurudev always says, “We have to make  Krishna our Partner in everything that we do”. So Guru Maharaja gave him and his team his blessings, spiritual guidance and impetus to achieve great heights in this business venture. With Guru Maharaja’s presence everything we did
became spiritualized because nothing was personally motivated, it was our devotional service wherein Krishna was our Partner.  Guru Maharaja empowered us spiritually to be unattached to the results of our material endeavours and practice the principle of yukta vairaghya. Whether these principles were practised  by some of the key players of McPhar or not is not the issue, but the issue is Guru Maharaja’s role in this corporate entity. He was our spiritual touch stone in the business.

Let me attempt to establish Guru Maharaja’s position in a more empiric way. Let’s  deliberate on the word “empowered” . The word “empower” is a 17th century word which means to invest one with authority or to enable or to supply strength, knowledge or a kind unto the other. For one to “empower” another, he himself has to be empowered and Guru Maharaja is unequivocally
an empowered soul. But where does he get his empowerment from? Definitely from someone who is even more empowered to divest that “power” unto him.  That source of spiritual empowerment is non other than our beloved Srila Prabhupada himself, who  descends from a bona fide authorized  lineage of exalted empowered beings, the “Guru Parampara”. Hence  it shall be concluded that Guru Maharaja’s empowerment is  derived from a bona fide source which inevitably originates from Lord Sri Krishna Himself.

The next consideration is, now that we have taken cognizance of the fact that Guru Maharaja represents Srila Prabhupada and the Guru Parampara, then we must deduce that his every word, deed or action reflects and  represents the teachings and instructions of  Srila Prabhupada. Guru Maharaja’s position therefore as a disciple of a pure devotee is established and the
assignment of empowerment by Srila Prabhupada to him to lead as a spiritual master in ISKCON becomes an irrefutable statement of fact. Hence Guru Maharaja is and shall always be an empowered bona fide spiritual master and shall be treated with the respect and veneration befitting of his exalted and impeccable stature of a Spiritual Master and as a leader in the
International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

Pursuant to the above empiric conclusion, I refer to the blatant blast of malicious publications  in the electronic media regarding our Guru Maharaja. The repercussion of these so called expositions of “truths” amount to unforgivable sinful activity, blasphemy and a premeditated attempt to maim the integrity of not only Guru Maharaja and the ISKCON leaders but Srila
Prabhupada’s ISKCON itself. It is most unfortunate that these irresponsible individuals or entities fail or neglect to understand due to their insipid intelligence  that their “endeavours” will definitely go in vain. Their alleged intention is  obviously not to disseminate the truth about any of the issues put forth but to inject a deadly virus that will infect the disease of doubt and loss of faith in our spiritual leaders which will inevitably result in dissent and fragmentation. The principle being “Divide and Rule”. The strength in any organization is in it’s unity and when  we fragmentise, the foundation becomes weak and  the opportunity to invade, conquer and rule becomes conducive for these intruders.  We, my family of devotees cannot condone this “agenda” even for a second. We need to be vigilant to protect our ISKCON fort from these “invaders” from invading our home and more particularly our minds.

I realized that I have been complacent and inert in my actions internally and externally to react to the above issue. I was pained  when  asked about it by certain quarters in my congregation and was at a loss as to how to react.  What should I do? How do I react to these “created only for blasphemy” websites in the name of ISKCON or preaching Krishna Consciousness? How do I defend my spiritual father? As a disciple, servant and daughter to  my spiritual master I felt helpless and useless. After reading Guru Maharaja’s Letter I could see how important it was for me to do the needful in my own capacity. I am doing whatever I can to keep my “home” safe and felt empowered to write this article thereafter.

Dear members of my beloved family, I realize that this is a situation created by the Lord for many of us to question our own faith and absolute surrender to our Guru Maharaja and ISKCON as our guiding institution. If we truly believe, have the implicit faith in the lotus feet of our spiritual master as we so often declare, then we must not only react but pro-act. We cannot sit at the periphery and be in the position of an impersonal non committed disciple. Our effort in extinguishing these untruths or lies not only about Gurudeva but about all our beloved spiritual uncles is within each and every one of us. How?  Well, we can first educate ourselves with the truth and verify the source of these derogatory information. By understanding the truth, we can  disseminating the same with others, we should avoid engaging in speculative thoughts and discussions that will allow the snake of ignorance to conquer our unintelligent minds, we can
share the love of  Guru Maharaja amongst each other instead of engaging in blasphemous gossiping, last but not least by glorifying the significance of our ISKCON leaders at large and their insurmountable contribution to this material world and to take pride in our own ISKCON. These are some of the ways we can proactively do.

By recognizing the greatness of our other spiritual leaders in ISKCON  in a genuine manner, we will please Srila Prabhupada who personally trained them.  When we respect other ISKCON leaders the way we respect our own spiritual master, we will please Guru Maharaja. When we place our faith and trust in a pure soul like  our Guru Maharaja, we will have the shelter of the Guruparampara and Krishna.

With that note, I conclude my article with the hope that we, at least the BCS family of disciples, do our part to be emissaries of ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada. That by our devotional service and unwavering faith in our beloved spiritual master, the ocean of mercy, we will be able to continue to enhance ISKCON and our own spiritual life with goodness and purity.

Thank you for making time to read my  “Realizations’ and beg for your forgiveness if I have in any way offended any of my readers unknowingly.

Yours in the service of Srila Guru Maharaja,

Chitrangada Devi Dasi