Go-Puja In Pietermaritzburg, Iskcon South Africa

Go-Puja In Pietermaritzburg, Iskcon South Africa

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Another fantastic and ecstatic morning in association with Radhika the most charming calf at the ISKCON Goshala  close to Pietermaritzburg in a beautiful, farm crested in the hilltops of Richmond.

After an inspiring 1-hour class absorbed completely in Govardana Lila, HH Ramgovinda Swami Maharaj, said, 7 year old Lala asking Baba why and for who is this puja. Baba said you are to small to understand, go and play now, we are busy preparing.

Preparing for who Baba. You don’t know, it is for King Indra, we have to please him to get good rains. If we do not offer this puja, he will become angry with us and withhold the rains. Lala our cows depend on green grass that spring forth with good rains. Baba, what kind God this King Indra is who gets angry?

Lala said, look Baba, Gorvardana is supplying every thing for the cows and for us, water, soft green grass, fruits, vegetables, kunds and flowers for our use.

Baba let’s offer this puja to Govardana because the Lord resides in Govardana. Through this loving exchanges, Lala  with logic defeated the elders following tradition. All the inhabitants of Vraj joined in to serve Lord Govardana.

Sri Giraja Govardana Ki Jai.

Maharaj also named the presiding Deties from Jaipur, Sri  Radha Gopal. An
ecstatic kirtan followed with Go-Puja, Kirtan led by His Grace Guru Kripa das from Ujjain with beautiful Bengali tunes and feeding of the cows with their number one favorite meal, mealies, apples and carrots.

The wonderful program came to an exciting close with Narahari das and Vaidarbhi devi dasi giving everyone with hot popcorn and fresh juice.

Hare Krishna

With love

Your ever well wisher

Ramkinkar das and Team

PS:  At the program, His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami was extended an invitation in his next visit to South Africa to conduct a Krishna Consciousness program at the Goshala by the Trustee,, Mr Divesh Maharaj. They are planning to put up a marquee for 300 guests.

His Holiness Ramgovinda Swami discusses with Trustee, Mr Divesh Maharaj to expand the goshalas and conduct once a month program.

He encouraged one of the trustee to go to the dham and learn the art of producing medical products from the cow dung and urine.


Article sent by His Grace Ramkinkara Dasa

Subject:   Go-Puja, Kirtan, Govardana Lila with HH Ramgovinda Swami

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