Harinam Sankirtan News From ISKCON Queensburg, South-Africa.

Harinam Sankirtan News From ISKCON Queensburg, South-Africa.

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An ecstatic article was sent by His Grace Ramkinkar Dasa from Queensburg, South-Africa on a Harinam-Sankirtan Party organized by the ISKCON Vaishnava Research Forum.

Chief Organizer Divesh Maharaja in the middle of  the picture

Lord Krishna blessed over 300 devotees with the most beautiful morning. He arranged an umbrella of clouds hanging in the sky giving shade and shelter from the summer sun and heavy rains. At the end he blessed the party with sprinkles of rains.

This beautiful morning scene reminded us of Govardhana lila, Lord Krishna protecting His  devotees from the wrath of King Indra.

Chief Organizer  Radha Damodar Dasa in white left on the picture

The neighbourhood of Queenburgh was awaken to the roaring, melodious sound of the Harinama Sankirtana Yajna party.

Mummies, daddies, grandpas, grandmas with their children and grandchildren came rushing to welcome the party appreciating the yuga-dharma  Harinam Sankintan giving joy to their hearts.  Devotees gave out invitations and information brochures and in return they gave donations.

It was a long two hour Harinama that felt like two minutes.

The Harinama came to an exciting close through the Queensburgh residence and Community Business District with a class from Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Text 10, entitled, Karma Yoga, by Ramkinkara Dasa in the park reminding us  of Thompson Square Park and Prasadam.

Pic 1 Escatic procession up a steep hill Metro Police headed by Mr Anand Maharaj gave the devotees right of way.

Pic 2 Dhanagati das chanting with Pralambhari das clapping and dancing to the tune of the Holy Names

Pic 3 Doctor Krishna Prasad Rambarran leading kirtana with mrndaga, mum Vaidarbhi Devi Dasi helping with mike.

Pic 4 Children in action

Pic 5  Akanda Kirtana Dasa leading Kirtan, Leader of the Umlazi African Preaching Centre, a township in the southcoast, near Sri Sri Radha Radhanatha