ISKCON Malaga Sunday Feast Lecture

ISKCON Malaga Sunday Feast Lecture


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

 Om ajnana timirandhasya

Jñananjaya shalakaya

Chaksur unmilitam yena

Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah

Sri Krishna Chaitany Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita

Gadadhara Srivasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

How is the weather treating you ?  Do you like this hot summer or do you like this cold winter ? …  I think you need the mike more than me. When is it coming ?

Can everybody hear Vinod-behari. He did not even speak.  Say something.  Say Hare Krishna…  He shouted.  Hare Krishna.  You say Hare Krishna.  Hare Krishna. OK, you can hear him…

I thought today we will have a question and answer session.  Do you think that is a good idea? Will you ask the question or should I ask the question ? Shyamlal Prabhu, please come, sit here…  Since the asana is there, you might as well come and sit here.

OK, maybe first I will ask you a question and then afterwards you can ask me questions.  That’s a good idea?  OK, my question is: do you believe in God?  Those who believe, please raise your hands.  My second question will be: why do you believe in God? Whom should I ask this question? So, the mataji there wanted to answer the question.

Answer: If you don’t believe in God, then there is no hope for nothing.

His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami : Well, that’s a very good answer.  If you don’t believe in God then there is no hope for anything. But still we can question: How do we know that God is there?  Dina Bandhu, you answer the question, how do you know that God is there?

Dina Bandhu : Well, first of all we can see His creation.  He has made so many wonderful arrangements, to have so much nice water, sun, beautiful flowers, beautiful trees. How we can see so many nice people, you know, beautiful.  God is merciful.

How many of you believe in Dina Bandhu’s logic.

OK, you did not raise your hand.

Do you believe in God? Why do you believe in God?

Answer: Because I think there must be some higher purpose to this existence.  There must be some meaning to this existence.  We are living in this world, we are doing things everyday but there must be something more, some purpose.

His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami: Very good point.  But Dina Bandhu’s point was that when we see this world, we must accept that there must be a Creator.  Somebody must have created it. Like, can we say that this is a product of accident?  Do you believe that? No, so that means that somebody must have created it.  So, who created it?

OK, in this respect, to justify his point I will tell a story.  Do you like to hear stories? Do you know of Isaac Newton, a very famous scientist?  You see, Newton, although he is recognized as the father of modern science, he is recognized as one of the greatest scientists in the world, he believed in God.  But Newton had a friend, who was atheist.  And they used to often have disagreements.  Newton used to tell his friend about God and his friend used to say: “No, no, there is nothing called God”.

So, one day that friend of Newton came to his laboratory and he saw the model of the solar system: the sun in the middle and different planets are moving around the sun.  So, he asked Newton: Newton, who made this?  Newton said: “No one made this, it just appeared”. His friend said:” How can it be, somebody must have made it”.  Newton said: “No, no, no, no one made this, it just appeared like that”.  Then, finally Newton told his friend: “See, when I show you this model and I tell you that nobody made this, you don’t believe me.  But when I point out to the night sky with innumerable stars and planets maintaining such a beautiful order and I tell you there must be a creator behind that, you don’t believe me.

Do you think that was a valid argument from Newton’s part?  Similarly, we can see that in this world, there is beautiful order, the seasons are changing at a specific time, the days are turning into night.  Then night is again turning into day, the sun comes up at a specific time, the moon is changing its face.

Can you imagine how complex the function of this body is?  Every single part of the body, every single organ of the body is so complex.  Like for example your kidney.  You know what your kidney is doing? Kidney is filtering your blood.  Your blood is becoming impure and the kidney is purifying your blood.  Your lungs are taking oxygen and are enriching your blood with that oxygen.  The heart is supplying the oxygen throughout the body and then the impure blood is coming back to the heart and getting purified.

How many medical doctors are here? Any biology students?  How complex is the functioning of the heart? Will it be intelligent to say that it just appeared like that? If I show this cup and tell you that it came as an accident, will you believe that?  If I take my watch and tell you that this watch actually fell from the sky, will you believe that?  The natural conclusion will be: “No, somebody must have made this!  A simple thing like this glass has to have a creator.  This table had a maker, this microphone had a maker.  This watch had a maker. And this universe, no maker, accident!  The intelligent conclusion naturally will be, yes, there must be a maker. I may not be able to see him but the intelligent conclusion must be, yes, somebody made it.  The watch that I am wearing, did you see the one who manufactured it, did you see him?  But still you are believing, there is a maker. The intelligent conclusion should be that everything that is around us has a maker and that Maker is God.  Now, if you want to know about Him, there is a way to find out about Him.  Do you want to know about Him?  Like, if you want to know about the maker of your watch, what do you do? You look up the company that manufactured it, then you can go to Google.  And then you can go there.  Oh, it is made with Rollex.  Oh, Rollex is a company in Switzerland, and you go there in Geneva.  And you see Rollex is there and you can get the whole history of Rollex.  Similarly if you want to know about God, there is a way to know about Him.  Those books that reveal the identity of God are called scriptures.  For the Christians the scripture is Bible, for the Jews the scripture is called Torah, for the Muslims it is called Kuran.  And a very general and a very profound understanding of all this is available in the form of the Vedas.  How many of you know about the Vedas?  How many of you know how Veda came to exist?  How many of you want to hear about it? Very good.  The word veda means knowledge, spiritual knowledge.  The first created being in the universe is Lord Brahma. And when Brahma appeared, he found himself to be situated in a lotus and there was nobody around him. Then the Lord instructed Him from within to meditate and by that process to internalize himself. By playing His flute He gave Him the gayatri-mantra. And Brahma meditated upon the gayatri. And this meditation took him actually inside. And through the gayatri he was transported to the spiritual world.  In this way the vedic knowledge was revealed in the heart of Brahma.  And that knowledge is vedas. You can see that this knowledge about God and the spiritual reality is not an external way to receive.  You have to receive this knowledge internally.  Therefore it is said: “Divya jnana hride prokasito”  The transcendental knowledge is revealed in the heart. It’s a matter of revelation.  In your heart or within yourself the spiritual knowledge goes deeper and deeper.  Then Brahma imparted this knowledge to his son, Narada. Then Narada gave it to his disciple, Vyasadeva.  Then Vyasadeva gave it to Madhavacarya.  In this way, this transcendental knowledge from the spiritual sky, through disciplic succession, is flowing. It was revealed in the beginning of creation but it is still flowing.  And Srila Prabhupada brought this knowledge which was not available in the West and distributed it here. And as a result of that today this knowledge is available, everywhere, for everybody.  And whoever receives it from a bona-fide source through the disciplic succession, he has it.  It may not have been revealed in the heart as yet, but if one follows the process, it will.

The total spiritual knowledge is called the Vedas. But this knowledge is flowing through two specific streams.  Those two streams are known as Upanishad and Purana. U-pani-shad literally means sitting at the feet of the guru.  Guru means spiritual master or spiritual teacher.  The knowledge that the student receives from the bonafide spiritual master is known as Upanishad. There are many Upanishads but out of them 108 Upanishads are principle Upanishads.  And the other branch is known as Purana.  The activities of the Lord and His devotees are recorded in the Purana.  Of all Upanishads, the greatest, the best of all Upanishads is called the Bhagavad-Gita.   Why? Because in Bhagavad-gita Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Teacher and Arjuna, his best devotee is the student and Krishna gave this knowledge to Arjuna.  Therefore this Bhagavad-gita is known as Gitopanishad.  How many of you are reading Bhagavad-Gita?  Who spoke Bhagavad-gita?  Krishna.  Who is the student of Bhagavad-gita? Arjuna.  Although Krishna is giving the knowledge of Bhagavad-gita to Arjuna, we all can benefit by receiving this transcendental knowledge. In Bhagavad-gita Krishna is revealing His identity.  Krishna is revealing Who He is.  Who is Krishna?  Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  Who is Arjuna?  Arjuna is His pure devotee.  The Lord reveals His identity to His pure devotee.

In the Bhagavad-gita we perfectly understand Who Krishna is. At the beginning of the Bhavagad-gita we actually don’t see Krishna as God. In the beginning of the Bhagavad-gita we see Krishna is Arjuna’s cousin.   And Krishna started to advise Arjuna.  And at one point, Krishna told Arjuna: Arjuna, I gave this knowledge to Vivashvan, the Sun God, millions of years ago.  Arjuna asked naturally, Krishna You are borne just the other day and Vivashvan was borne so many millions of years ago, how can I believe that You gave this knowledge to Vivashvan? About those births you don’t remember anything but I remember everything.  Then Krishna told Arjuna.  Arjuna, for many, many lifetimes both of us took birth.  And then Krishna said, actually I don’t need to take birth.  But still I come to reestablish the religious principles.  In this way, in Bhagavad-gita we get to see the difference between us and Krishna.   How many of you believe that you have a previous birth?  How many of you remember this birth?  Although you know you have been borne, but you don’t have any recollection about those births. But Krishna remembers about all of His appearances. We are borne in a material body, but Krishna comes with a spiritual body This is how in Bhagavad-gita we begin to see Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  And then in the eleventh chapter, what did Krishna do?  He begins to show His Universal Form.  He showed to Arjuna how the entire creation is resting in Him.  And ultimately how everything will be destroyed in Him. After the destruction everybody will go back to Krishna.  Bhagavad-gita is the most wonderful information about the identity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  And in Bhagavad-gita Krishna speaks about Himself, but how much can one speak about Himself. If you are a very big man, how much can you speak about yourself?  I have done this, I have done this…

In Bhagavad-Gita Krishna speaks about Himself but He does not go into the details of His glory.  Krishna made not like to speak about Himself but His devotees they love to speak about Krishna.  And of all the Puranas the greatest Purana is the Srimad-Bhagavatam.  So, many of you are reading Bhagavad-gita.  How many of you are reading Srimad-Bhagavatam?  Now you can understand, if you want to know about God, what should you do?   Do you want to establish a relationship with God? If you want to establish a relationship with somebody, what do you have to do?  First you have to know Him, first you have to study Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam from whom?  From the devotees of Krishna, because the devotees know about Krishna.

So, Krishna is there and how is He? Krishna is the Greatest? And how big are you?  God is great and we are small.  When a small approaches a great? What should be his attitude? When you approach God, how should we approach Him, in a very humble state of mind.  And when we come to Him, what should we do? We should surrender unto Him. We should surrender unto Him with a genuine feeling, My Lord, You are great and I am small.  O My Lord, You are the Master and I am Your servant.  What should a servant do to the Master?  Does a good servant say, give me this, give me that.  Rather how does the servant feel?  My Lord, how can I serve you, how can I please You.

Another way to approach Him also, is that He is the Father and you are the Son.  The child has with the father and the father…. The son needs something.  Who does He go to?

He goes to the father, and he says:”Daddy, give me this, give me that.” But when they grow up, they know the father is going to give “Rather, he feels, my father has done so much for me, what can I do for Him?  At the developed relationship, our attitude is: “Ho can I serve you?”  Behind that service there is one attitude, what is that attitude? That attitude is love.  Due to that love he renders the service.  So, how many of you think, you have a lot of love within your heart.  The question is, you have so much love in your heart, who are you going to give that love to?  Don’t you want to offer your love to somebody?  How many of you think that God should be the One to Whom we offer all our love? And then when you love somebody, what happens?  He reciprocates that love.

But in our case we don’t have to start that love.  God loves us already.  Should we consider how He loves us or not?

See, everything is dark in this world.  Who sent the sun to light up the world? Who made this arrangement? Somebody created the sun? Who did it? [Audience] Krishna. Very good. Why did He do it? [Audience] Because He loves us. Very good, because He loves us.

All the food that we eat.  Who is supplying all the food?  Just see, there is an avocado tree, all are avocado trees.  You love avocados?  How did this tree come about?  A seed fell on the ground.  And from that seed grew a tree.  And every year how many avocados grow on the tree? That’s your food? Avocados.  And inside each fruit there is a seed?  And in that seed there is a tree. In that tree there are innumerable avocados? In those avocados there are innumerable seeds?  In those seeds there are trees and so forth.  Who made this arrangement? [Audience] Krishna. Why did He make this arrangement? [Audience]“Because He loves us”  I can’t hear… Because He loves us.  BCS: Only you are saying it!

Do you need water to survive? Did you ever consider how that water comes here? Water is there in the ocean, but can you drink that water or can you bring that water from the ocean here? But the rays of the sun make the water of the ocean evaporate.  And that evaporated water vapor forms the cloud.  Then the wind disperses, distributes the cloud all over.  And then the cloud condenses and comes down in the form of rain.  And that rain fills up all the water bodies.  Who made this arrangement? Krishna! Why did He do that? [Audience] Because He loves us.  “It’s better…”  Because He loves us!

Even more important than water is air, oxygen!  Every moment we are breathing in and out oxygen.  We are breathing in oxygen and we are giving out carbon dioxide.  If the process continues, what would have happened to the atmosphere? The whole atmosphere would have been filled with carbon dioxide.  Did it happen? Why not? Rahul? Very good.  Because the trees and plants are taking the carbon dioxide and giving the oxygen back.  Who made this arrangement?  Krishna.  Why did He do that? Because He loves us.

Who made this arrangement? [audience: Krishna] Why did He do that? [audience: because He loves us] Thank you! So do you have any doubt that Krishna loves you? [No]

Now consider, a young man loves a young girl. And he loves but the girl doesn’t love him. How does he feel? So here, who is the young boy? Krishna! And who are the girls He loves? We! The living entities. Krishna loves us but we are not responding to the love. So how does Krishna feel? Bad. Now, if some day we tell Krishna, or let us get back to the same example, one day that young boy who loves that young girl receives a note from her saying, the girl is saying I love you. How does the young boy feel? So Krishna loves us and some day if we tell Krishna, “Krishna, I love You”, then how will Krishna feel? Just like that young boy young Krishna, who is eternally youthful, will begin to dance in ecstasy.

Now, how do we say, “Krishna, I love You?” Krishna understands Sanskrit better than English or Spanish. Of course, Krishna understands every language. Krishna even understands the birds’ language, the beasts’ language. So the way to tell Krishna, “Krishna, I love You”, is: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. And you can well imagine how ecstatic Krishna will become. See, this is how simple the process is to develop our loving relationship with Krishna.

Okay, thank you for answering all my questions. Now you can ask questions to me.

Yes, Vaashi?

Devotee: Maharaja, regarding the previous birth as you said, I just wanted to know, can you please what kind of and which form of birth we had before coming to this world as a human form?

BCS: It’s difficult to say. Not that everybody has the same past. Every individual has his own destiny. I can give a few examples from Mahabharata. In Mahabharata, at the beginning, there is a description. There was a king called Mahabheesha. He was elevated to Brahmaloka. But due to some mistake Brahma cursed him that you go down to the earth planet and take birth as a human being. And that Mahabheesha became king Shantanu, the father of Bhishma. Then there are eight demigods known as Vasu’s. One day when they were travelling through the earth they came across Vasistha Muni’s ashrama. There they saw Vasistha’s cow Nandini and one of them they decided to steal the cow. So when Vasistha came and found out that the cow is missing, so he found out through his meditation that the Vasu’s has steal the cow. So Vasistha cursed them that you are demigods but you are behaving in such a way so you take birth as human beings. So when they got to know they immediately went to Vasistha and begged forgiveness. Vasistha said, “Okay, since I have given the curse, since I said it, it is bound to happen. But seven of you right after your birth you will be delivered. But the one who stole the cow he will have to stay there for a long time. So they approached mother Ganga to become their mother, so Ganga came and became Shantanu’s wife on a condition that Shantanu never question her actions and never stop her from doing something.

So the first son was born of Shantanu and Ganga and right after the birth Ganga went and dropped the baby in the river Ganges. In this way one after another seven children were born and Ganga drowned them. When the eighth child was born Shantanu could not prevent himself, restrain himself. He said, “Why are you doing this?! You are killing your own children. Please spare this child.” So then Ganga said, “Okay, since you want this child I will spare him, but since you broke your promise now I will leave you.”

Now, look at the curse. Seven of them will take birth and right after the birth they will be delivered, but the one who stole the cow, his name was Du, he has to stay for a long, long time. That was Bhishma. And not only that, Bhishma’s father Shantanu gave him the benediction that he will not die unless he wanted to die. So there it was the curse that he will have to stay for a long time and his father he is giving him the benediction, he will have to live long life.

So just to give some examples, you know. Like, different individuals have different destinies. But the general understanding is that before one gets the human birth in the course of evolution the previous to human birth is an animal birth. Like the cows take birth as human beings is in the mode of goodness. Lions take birth in the mode of passion. In this way these two animals are previously taking birth.

Devotee: Hare Krishna, Maharaja. My question is that people in India generally most of them belief in God. Like, because of logic like behind every creation there is a creator. So that point they understand. And they know this, there is God, and they even read scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam where there is clearly mentioned Krishna saying that there is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and in Srimad Bhagavatam still in different places and manners. But even after reading all that they are so confused and they worship demigods and they worship different gurus and thinking them to be God, not as a messenger of God but thinking them to be God. So, I mean why is that confusion in India? Like in the West, they’re okay, they read the Bible and they understand Jesus Christ is the son of God. But in India, where the scriptures are so clear and the understanding is so clear and the people are quite intellectual, why is there so much confusion?

BCS: This confusion is because the books are there and they are reading the books, but there is no qualified teacher. Can you buy a book from the market and study the subject and become a master? To study the subject properly what do you need? You need the books, no doubt, but you need a teacher to reveal the books. And the problem with India is that most of them first of all don’t have the teachers and they don’t have any eagerness also to find the teacher. They’re just going around here, there, everywhere listening to everybody, understanding nothing.

At least for myself I can say that I found a qualified teacher. That’s Srila Prabhupada. And that’s why I am here today. And as a result of that, as a result of not listening to a qualified teacher, they’re thinking, yes, I am God, you are God, everybody is God. If you understand, if you analyze their thing, the ultimate conclusion will be of their understanding that yes, they think that I am God, you are God, everybody is God, only God is not God! Does it answer your question? It’s a sad state of affairs. Like, people are suffering but still they are not trying to find the real way of getting out of their suffering condition. Not only India, everywhere it is the same.

How did you get the right knowledge? How did you get the right knowledge? From Prabhupada, from ISKCON, yeah. Now ISKCON temple is here. How many people are there in the city of Spain? [devotee: forty million] Forty million! [devotee: not Spain, Malaga] I am sorry, Malaga.[devotee: one million] One million. How many are here today? How many people come to the temple program? Very few, very few. Forget about one million people, how many Indians are here in Malaga? [devotee: four to five hundred] Four to five hundred. No, families I think. Four to five hundred families. How many are here? Maybe just four or five families. As you are saying, they belief in God, they read Bhagavad Gita but they don’t have a bona fide teacher. Therefore they are not understanding anything.

Most of the religious groups are like a club. I have a membership in this club so I have to be loyal to this club. No, it’s not a matter of joining a club. It’s a matter of doing a business. There is a difference between membership in a club and running a shop. When you are doing business what is your main criteria, main objective? Profit. So similarly spiritual conviction should be a matter of loss and profit. Where can I find understanding of God, let’s go there. Let’s go and look around everywhere who has the best information about God. And wherever I find that information I am prepared to sell my head to them. Otherwise what will happen at the most critical time of your life, at the time of death, you will be in total confusion and chaos.

Question :- Hare Krsna Gurumaharaj. Many times I have been asked a question if

God loves us so much, then why does so many bad things happen and in the past I used to think that Karma from past lives affect and influence what happens now.  Is there anything other than that?’s something. Ok . ( translator continues)

GM:- Bad things happen to those who don’t surrender to God. The son says I don’t want to depend upon you, I am on my own. I’ll go and do whatever I’d like to do. Father says go, do it. And what happens to the son, without the protection of the father? But when the son or daughter surrenders to the father then what happens? Father says OK  come home, I will take care of your in all respects. Don’t worry about it.  Then you try to do something to the son in front of the father, what will the father do to you?

In this respect Prabhupada once gave an example. Prabhupada was walking in Juhu beach. In India you see many many paria dogs, stray dogs, street dogs, and also in the morning you see people take their dog for morning walk. That they do in the west also.  So Prabhupada asked his disciples, this dog (pointing to the stray dogs) and the dog who is taken master. Prabhupada asked what’s the difference between this dog and this dog?

<Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai>

So what will be your answer between these two dogs?

<someone answers>

Very good. One has master and the others don’t have the master. The dogs with the master, their health is strong and happy. The dogs without the master are dirty, suffering, quarreling, squabbling for some reason.   So in this way Prabhupada taught us how to become dogs of the best master. Just surrender to Krishna and Krishna will take charge of you, then you don’t have to worry about it. As you have done. (GM laughs)

Question:- Hare Krsna GuruMaharaj. At one time, Brahma created children who wanted to harm him? How is it possible being Brahma having vedic knowledge has this problem, which arises in time of.

GM:-  Who are those children who tried to harm him?

I don’t remember. But I remember hearing a lecture about it…

<someone else answers>

GM:- No. I was coming to that. You see some.(stops for translator)    So, you see, Brahma is the original creator. And the original children of Brahma that Brahma created are, first are the 4 kumaras they came from his mind. Then came 11 rudras from between his eyebrows, then from his mind he created 10 children – 9 Prajapatis and Narada

And probably what you are talking about, some creatures were created from behind Brahma, from Brahma’s behind. Behind means ignorance so they are the demons and that is, they, did try to harm Brahma but then when brahma also gets into difficulties. After all he is also the child of the supreme father. So when child is in difficulty what does he do? Daddy daddy save me, save me and then the Daddy comes and saves him.

Another time Brahma playfully touched the water of the garbha ocean and as a result of it two demon appeared – Madhu and Kaitabha. And they also tried to attack Brahma but then the Lord came and rescued him.


Hare Krsna Maharaj

(Question in Spanish)

Translation – She is saying that she heard in one of the classes that if Krsna was to appear with his flute in front of us and say Ok now, I have come to take you all, come with me, immediately right now. There would be so many of us although we are devotee and practicing would say , no Krishna I am not prepared I have a few things to do even though we are practicing devotees,  that Krsna I am not prepared and I have to wait. She says she identifies with that personality.  That she would also have to wait sometime maybe. How can we save ourselves to come out of the situation

Gurumaharaj:- Krsna knows when you are ready and then only he will come and say – common let’s go. It’s like sometimes the children – the father takes the children to the park. And he lets the children play and while children are playing the father sits on a bench by the side of the park and watches and the child has completely forgotten about the father he is completely absorbed in playing with his friends. But then when it becomes dark and all his friends are gone he is all alone there. Then he calls out daddy daddy where are you. Then the father comes and picks up the child – ok lets go. So wait till it becomes dark, and all your friends leave you and then you will call out in all sincerity – Krsna Krsna where are you? And Krsna will come.

Ok should I stop now.  Its already past 3 o’clock. One question. Ok its allright

Question :- <not completely audible question>.but then can you remember so no one could remember . crossed the water that is called.which might just forget the former life. And now I have a question <unclear>, would you say that it is possible in emergency situations, that’s coming something very dangerous and that you could have what we call  a flash (something just coming up) that you can find yourself at another place and another time with another person, but you know exactly its that situation happened before. It has got nothing frightening or so, on the contrary you see that image that you get in a flash,  it helps you to solve resolve a question or situation in which you in now.

GM:- Yes. That’s called deja vu

Questioner :- Oh you know about that.. <inaudible>

Anyway I will answer that. But that’s not important. What’s important is your relationship with your supreme father. And if you establish your relationship then your life has become perfect. Because when the child holds on to his father, does he have any anxiety and fear, does he have anything to worry about?

Anyway you get in to a situation that you have been in before, in french it’ s called deja vu.

Thank you Hare Krsna. Jai Srila Prabhupada. Gaura Premanande Hari Haribol


Transcription : Her Grace Shyama Mohini Dasi, Her Grace Ranga Radhika Dasi, Ramananda Raya Dasa

Editing : Hemavati Radhika Dasi

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