Gurumaharaja in Malaga

Gurumaharaja in Malaga

By H.G. Ramananda Raya Prabhu

Last Friday Guru Maharaja arrived in Malaga from London.  Vinod-Behari Prabhu and Hema Gauri Mataji are hosting Guru Maharaja.  Yesterdays Sunday feast program in the Iskcon Malaga temple and a celebration program for Harinarayana Prabhu, a very wonderful devotee who has done tremendous service for Iskcon, were ecstatic highlights in Guru Maharaja’s association. Pictures and audio-classes are to be posted asap.

Yesterday Friday 15 July 2011, Guru Maharaja arrived in Malaga from London. Suhrdas from Iskcon Ujjain and Stava Raja from New Jersey, both just newly initiated, were accompanying Guru Maharaja. When I arrived around three o’clock in the afternoon, Guru Maharaja was still taking prasad with Shyamlal Prabhu, Harinarayana and his wife, Dinabandhu Prabhu. Vinod-behari Prabhu had very kindly come himself to pick me up from the airport. I received Maha-maha prasadam and needless to say my renewed contact with Guru Maharaja felt as a huge relief.

Guru Maharaja just left the table when I arrived. I paid obeisances but His Divine Grace was already on his way to his room.  He wanted to take more rest. Apparently he had been very tired because of the traveling.

Time past very quickly and in the evening I peeped in the room where Guru Maharaja was talking to a young lady and an older couple.  I sat down and listened to Guru Maharaja’s preaching to the young woman.  She is a doctor and she wants to go to Oregon, USA.  Guru Maharaja and the older couple, relatives of her, did not like the idea.  Guru Maharaja preached to her. “Material desires are temporary and once you have fulfilled those desires you will be back to square one.”  But the lady had a strong desire to go on with her plan.  Try to fulfill your desire and then come back to the real thing.  What’s the real thing ?  “Our real desire is our desire for Krishna…  I remember reading the biography of Winston Churchill.  He wrote that when one is young, between twenty and twenty four, one should explore the world, make many mistakes and learn from it.”  “So, I did that,” Guru Maharaja said.  “And I made many mistakes, and that is how I came to Krishna Consciousness.  And now I stick to that, because I know that is what I am meant to do.”

Later Guru Maharaja asked how I was doing and we discussed the Köln ratha yatra.  Vinod-behari still gave him a massage.

Heard from Guru Maharaja on the phone : “I was just touching base to find out how everything was with you…”