Gurumaharaja in Malaga (part 2)

Gurumaharaja in Malaga (part 2)

By H.G. Ramananda Raya Prabhu

Due to the most dedicated care of Vinod Vihari Prabhu and Hema Gauri Mataji Guru Maharaja can sufficiently take rest here in this wonderful Malaga valley.After another evening walk in the Parque De La Batería near the beach of Torremolinos,both Shyamlal Prabhu and Guru Maharaja lectured ecstatically in the basement hall of Vinod Viharis house.The program was ending with a lively,heart touching kirtan, beautifully sung by His Divine Grace. People’s heart melt when they hear Guru Maharaja sing in that very sublime tune,they cannot avoid feeling obliged to again attend such wonderful Krishna Conscious programs.The about fifty attendants are enthusiastically
taking prasadam.(Audio uploads are to follow soon.)

Guru Maharaja told the story of Srila Prabhupada preaching to an Indian man who was a very close relative of the Birla family, at that time the richest family in India. The man, who was very appreciative of Srila Prabhupada, asked Srila Prabhupada why he was telling everybody to chant Hare Krishna instead of doing something beneficial for this human society. Why not build hospitals, why not opening schools?

To answer that man’s question Srila Prabhupada himself asked him a question. Look, you are so close to the Birlas. And if one of them gets mad and leaves home, can a mad man get back home on his own? Does a madman know where his home is? Does a madman know who his father is? A madman completely forgets about everything. So Birla’s son becomes mad and he gets lost. Have you seen a madman in the street? What is his condition like? He does not get food to eat, people make fun of him, they throw stones at him, he does not have any place to stay, he does not have any place to sleep? Now, if you see Birla’s son in that condition, will you just give him a two rupees note and tell him to go and have a meal? What will you do if you see Birla’s son in that condition? You just tell him who his father is and ask him: “What are you doing here? Why are you in this condition? Come, I will take you to your father. And when he is taken to his father, will he have any problem? All his problems will be solved.

And then Prabhupada said : “In my eyes, all of you are children of Krishna, children of God. God is your Father. And because you have rejected your Father, because you have become mad and left your Home, look at your condition. Now, if your relationship with your Father has been reestablished, will you have any problem. Then Srila Prabhupada said : “That’s what I am doing”. I am reminding everybody about the Supreme Father, about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Who is the Controller of everything, the Owner of everything, He is your Father. That is what Srila Prabhupada is reminding everybody.

We are not just telling you to just chant Hare Krishna. We are also telling you the purpose of chanting Hare Krishna. What is the purpose of chanting Hare Krishna ? Krishna, forgetting You, I am suffering in the material nature. Now, please take me back. Please allow me to go back to you and develop a loving relationship with you. It’s a simple principle. It’s a simple objective but it is the most important principle to solve all our problems.

Does a rich man’s son has to worry about anything ? A rich man’s son does not have to worry about anything. So what to speak about the richest Father? What is the relationship with Krishna ? Servant and master may be a little distant, but father and son is very close. You as a father, if you are so concerned about your children, can you imagine how concerned the Supreme Father is about His children. What is the relationship with Krishna ?

You simply have to reestablish your relationship with Krishna. And in that you don’t have to give up anything. Rather you get everything. A madman, a beggar, what does he have ? He only has his begging bowl. So, when he is back in the house of his rich father, he can throw away his begging bowl.

All you have to give up, is your madness. Because of your madness you have rejected him, so give up your madness. What is that madness ? The madness is that we want to enjoy in this material world. We are thinking tomorrow I will enjoy, not today, tomorrow. Yesterday I was not enjoying, today also not, but tomorrow I will enjoy.


Guru Maharaja will stay here in Malaga until Wednesday evening. Then we are heading for Germany, Hari Nama Desh in Wiesbaden. He plans to give initiation there on 21 July. A few days later Guru Maharaja will bless the Pandava Sena retreat with his divine presence in Prabhupada Desh, near Venice, Italy.

Being in the constant association of His Divine Grace, it comes to my mind how bhakti yoga is the perfect “Art Of Relationship”. How to relate perfectly to everything and every living entity, starting with Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. That is what I constantly absorb in, learn and tremendously admire in the incomparable association of Guru Maharaja.

When we were attending Gaura Arati last Friday in the Iskcon Malaga temple, there also I could not avoid reflecting how beautiful and attractive the Krishna Conscious culture is, which we inherited from Srila Prabhupada. One feels indeed how pitiful it is that so few people yet notice the spiritual gems which by Srila Prabhupada’s mercy are so liberally distributed all over the planet now. The admirable altar and Deities in the Malaga temple are arranged by Guru Maharaja. The altar has been created in Ujjain. Most of the preaching facilities in Spain are financed by Harinarayana Prabhu, who is a most generous and amazing devotee. It is really worth to spend some time in that wonderfully inspiring Hare Krishna shrine of Malaga.

Because of the program tonight, Guru Maharaja had decided to have his walk earlier. We arrived in the Parque De La Batería about half past seven and the program was to start at eight o´clock PM. The sun was still hot during the early evening hours. We felt it when we got back in the car after the short walk. “No problem for me,” Guru Maharaja joyfully commented. “You really like it hot, Guru Maharaja” Ananda prabhu, Vinod Vihari’s brother and our driver, commented. I thought it was cool that Guru Maharaja is not affected by such heat!