Gurumaharaja in London

Gurumaharaja in London

By H.G. Stava Raja Prabhu


Guru Maharaja arrived at the opulent home of Deepak and Priti in the suburbs of London England. In true devotee fashion he was greeted with a grand feast upon arrival. Soon afterwards Guru Maharaja took rest and upon waking treated his devotees to a japa walk in a beautiful park nearby. Guru Maharaja stopped to appreciate the various trees and demonstrated his knowledge of dendrology, pointing out the wonderful maple and cedars at this time of year in full bloom. After an invigorating walk, Guru Maharaja returned to Deepak and Priti’s home and took rest for the evening.

Guru Maharaja awoke early and went for a nice swim and relaxed in the sauna at Deepak’s gym. Upon his return, Guru Maharaja took his morning breakfast of avocado, various cheeses, grains, and butter, and engaged his devotees in preparation for Priti’s birthday party. Despite the pain in the toe of his lotus feet from a surgical procedure done earlier this morning, Guru Maharaja gave us his mercy by preparing lunch prasadam in honor of Priti’s birthday. Guru Maharaja treated us to his amazing bottomless pizza and spinach prasadam. After a long celebration, Guru Maharaja took rest and despite even more pain in his toe, he paid a visit to a devotee who had been anxious to have his association later that evening. Upon returning from his visit, Guru Maharaja took rest for the evening.

Guru Maharaja took rest for most of the day and worked on his preparation of Mahabharata for the upcoming retreat in Belgium. In the evening, Guru
Maharaja gave darshan and an interactive discussion with devotees anxiously awaiting his association. Guru Maharaja reminded the youngsters how important it is to chant at least one round everyday no matter what difficulties maya throws at them in order to maintain their Krishna consciousness. He also updated us with exciting news that the Mayapur temple project is moving ahead of schedule! He then took rest early that evening to catch his flight to Malaga Spain at 6:55am.