Ujjain Update 8th May, 2011

Ujjain Update 8th May, 2011

Sent by His Grace Mukunda Prabhu

In Ujjain temperatures in the day are around 40”C still quite bearable and according to the meteorological office it was the coolest April in many many years.

Chandan Yatra started from Friday and the devotees had been preparing the chandan for the last few days. Madana Mohana and Krishna look even more attractive with the chandan on them and thousands of visitors are pouring in to have their darshan. Whenever people get married in Ujjain they always make it a point to visit the temple and it is a treat to watch the new bride and groom in their traditional costumes beginning their marital life after taking blessings of Their Lordships.

Guru Maharaj arrived yesterday at Kolkata from his tour of Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. He will leave tomorrow for Mayapur and is expected to spend the month of May in the holy dham.

We came to know that the GBC has approved bestowing the sanyas order to two of our much beloved senior devotees, H.G.Ganganarayan Pr and H.G.Krishna Balaram Pr. We look forward to their guidance and mercy for all us devotees.  H.G. Ganganarayan Pr has been a specialist in treating the human body but now he takes wonderful care of the fallen souls and has brought many young people to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. H.G.Krishna Balaram Pr just conducted the first Hindi Bhaktisasti course here in Ujjain almost single handily and is now spreading spiritual education in Vallav Vidhyanagar and Surat.

The whole Ujjain community welcomed the return of H.G.Priyavrata Pr and H.G.Radharani  Mataji from London. Prabhu had undergone a very complicated operation just three months back in London but as soon as he recovered he returned to Ujjain ignoring the harsh hot climate here. The couple’s attachment to Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohana and the devotees is really worth mentioning.

Similarly H.G.Bimal Krishna Pr and H.G. Yamunapriya Mataji also from London are serving Guru Maharaj in an exemplary way though they have to tolerate the heat and a bit spicy Indian diet. Prabhu is managing the day to day affairs of the temple as co President while Mataji on her own is preaching to various schools and colleges plus has resumed the children’s  Sunday school. A sporting event  for the children was held in the auditorium.

We expect this year’s Snan yatra and Ratha yatra of Lord Jagannath to be very eventful and memorable under the able guidance of H.G.Nandavraja Pr who incidentally is moving fast forward with the apartment project. We look forward to all of you joining us for Rathya yatra  on 3rd July.

The temple always receives a stream of visitors’ right throughout the year and especially we had the association of H.G.Radha Vinod Pr and H.G.Champaklata Mataji from London who came along with their close relatives and treated us to some great feasts.

The population in our Goshala increased by two calves during the last fortnight.

In the last week of April the famous Pancha Kroshi yatra a very old traditional yatra took place in Ujjain. Devotees in their thousands from far and wide visited several holy places of Lord Shiva which spans over a period of five days. This year we distributed chapatis, khichri and dalia to the thousands of devotees from our mid day meal project.

Photos of the events can be watched at this link

Mukunda das
Ujjain India.