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“Soul Survivor”: A Powerful Killer Of Arrogant Claims Against The Eternal Truth Of Reincarnation.

Years ago, while I used to give guided tours in Radhadesh, Belgium, an interesting story came in from a two year old  American boy, called James Leininger.  Troubled by terrible nightmares, that boy had apparent strong memories of a W.O.II pilot fighter.  Now the book “Soul Survivor” has been published by James’ parents Andrea and Bruce Leininger .  Because of so many undeniable, verified details of James’ past life, it is clearly the best story about past lives in the western world. Whereas previous documented film material was a breakthrough with the remarkable story of the small boy James himself, the book is as much putting James’ father Bruce in the picture.  Bruce Leininger, a sincere Christian and American Human Resources manager, did years of research to try to disprove the idea that his son’s memories were actually based on facts from a previous life. His relentless efforts to find out the truth about all this, bring out the real juice in the book.  Really, this book is a most convincing winner in the ongoing battle for the case of the reincarnation truths.  I personally drank the 300 pages full of nectar practically in one day…  Most touching to open minds, to me this book is also a perfect introduction to the ultimate knowledge in Srila Prabhupada’s books.



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Sent by Ramananda Raya Dasa