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Ujjain update 14th April, 2011

The dry hot summer has arrived and the temperature is already around 40’C in the daytime however nights are cool specially around Mangal arati.

Guru Maharaj departed for Australia from Mumbai yesterday morning and for the last few days he was vividly describing the Ramayana at the Sri Sri Radha Rashbehari temple. On the day of Ramnaumi he performed avishek at the Juhu temple in the afternoon and again at the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple at Chowpatty. Guru Maharaj was fasting on this auspicious occasion however he led kirtan and gave classes at both venues.

Guru Maharaj returned from Mauritius end March and arrived in Surat on 1st April from Delhi in the evening. He was given a rousing welcome at the airport by nearly fifty devotees. Surat in the state of Gujrat is considered one of the richest cities in India for the enterprising business people and thrives on manufacturing and distribution of fabrics plus is famous for cutting, polishing and setting of diamonds. However strangely only one flight to and from Delhi operates from the airport.

There were several programs both in the morning and evening at various devotees apartments and a three part seminar for the youth entitled ‘Passion to Compassion”. All these programs were well attended and organised by the very enthusiastic congregation members. The apartment in which Guru Maharaj put up was of the Guptas and the entire family along with many congregation members decorated the place with flowers and the prasadam was extravagant and fabulous. Their sincere love and eagerness to serve was evident when one
could see them all sobbing when Guru Maharaj was leaving. The devotees in Surat also gave a touching farewell when the train to Ujjain left close to midnight.

During the last few days of March and early April the subcontinent was submerged in the game of cricket with India beating Australia in the quarter finals then going on to beat their arch rivals Pakistan in the semi finals.  Incidentally Guru Maharaj was in Chandigarh the day of the semi finals and could not sleep in the night as celebrations continued with fire crackers till dawn. On the day of the finals against Sri Lanka Guru Maharaj returned from a program at a devotees house in Surat around 10 in the evening.  Devotees requested him to watch the last few overs of the match which he kindly accepted. As India inched to victory of winning the world cup the small group of devotees along with Guru Maharaj enjoyed the climax.  Fortunately the place where he had put up was far from the city so he could
sleep peacefully. However the entire nation drowned itself in this wasteful pastime called cricket.

Ramnaumi was enthusiastically celebrated in Ujjain with Ram katha given by H.G.Radha Krishna Pr from Ludhiana for six days and the appearance day of  H.H.Jaya Pataka Swami was celebrated today on the day of ekadasi and a wonderful feast has been arranged for tomorrow.

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Ujjain India.