ISKCON Ujjain Update 3rd March, 2011

ISKCON Ujjain Update 3rd March, 2011

Sent By His Grace Mukunda Dasa

The weather is quite moderate right now with the mornings a little chilly while it is quite pleasant in the day. The gardens in our temple are in full bloom with various coloured Dalia, roses and other seasonal flowers. However the hot and unbearable summer will descend by beginning of April.

Yesterday we celebrated Shivaratri one of the most important festivals of Ujjain where the predominating deity is Lord Shiva is at the famous Mahakal temple. This year there were around one hundred thousand pilgrims who visited the Mahakal temple and the whole city was in a mood of festivity.

The permanent citizens of Ujjain find it very difficult to have darshan at the Mahakal temple on this day and they flock to several small temples to do avishek to Lord Shiva. Our temple was beautifully decorated and an idol of Lord Shiva was installed next to the alter of Srila Prabhupada. Sri Sukarma Sharma the ex-administrator of Mahakal temple brought the Shiva linga from his house and it was suitably decorated and avishek performed. Right throughout the day till late in the evening there was an endless trickle of devotees who came to offer milk, belpata, incense and flowers to Lord Shiva.  They also took darshan of Lord Gaur Netai, Krishna Balaram and Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan. Everyone was very pleased with the wonderful arrangements made at the temple and enjoyed the ecstatic kirtan which continued throughout the day.

Our special mention of H.G.Amal Bhakta Pr for painting the idol of Lord Shiva and the temporary alter constructed by H.G.Vishambar Chaityna Pr. The deity alters and Srila Prabhupada alter were attractively decorated with flowers which was overseen by H.G.Laxminath Pr.

The temple also added a new white van to its fleet of vehicles and the same was inducted by way of a simple ceremony.

Photos of the Shivaratri celebrations can be seen at this link

A short video on Lord Nityananda”s appearance day celebrations can be viewed at this link.

Mukunda das
Ujjain India.