ISKCON Ujjain Update 3 February 2011.

ISKCON Ujjain Update 3 February 2011.

Sent By His Grace Mukunda Dasa

India celebrates its complete independence from British domain on 26 January 1949 and is celebrated as Republic day which is also a public holiday.

On this day our mid-day meal project situated at the Jagannath temple distributes very delicious prasadam to the school children they feed every day. This year about 100 devotees gathered together for nearly three days to prepare the items for nearly 25000 children. They included 28000 ladus, 115000 puris, 4500 kg of halava, 2500 kg of sabji to nearly 170 schools. The entire foodstuffs were delivered on schedule by 8am to all the schools before the flag hoisting ceremony. The children really relished the prasad  of Lord Jaganath.  H.G.Laxminath Pr coordinated the whole process flawlessly.

Another astonishing thing that occurs every day is the making of garlands for the Deities which number around 50 including small, medium and big. H.G.Mitravrinda Matagi who leads the team, has a group of extremely dedicated devotees who painstakingly pick the flowers from the garden and then sit for hours making the garlands. A special white flower is the kunda which has to be plucked just when it starts to bloom and other flowers like marigold, roses dalia and other seasonal flowers are used. Flowers are also
procured from the market as per requirement. The love and devotion and hard work that go into making each of these garlands is evident from the way the Deities appear so attractive to one and all.

We had the great fortune of having amongst us for a few days His Holiness Subhaga Swami Maharaja and the classes he gave plus the mercy that he bestowed on all of us will be our most cherished treasure.

The temple decided to celebrate the birthdays of devotees collectively according to the month on which they were born. Thus we celebrated all those who appeared in January on 26th with cake cutting and sweet exchanges.

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