ISKCON Ujjain Update 2nd February 2011

ISKCON Ujjain Update 2nd February 2011

Guru Maharaja arrived on 29th January around 3pm. After paying obeisances to
Srila Prabhupada he sat down in the temple room flanked by His Holiness Subhaga Swami Maharaja and His Grace Purnapragya Prabhu.

Guru Maharaja mentioned that this would be one of his shortest visits to Ujjain just a mere 50 hours. He reiterated that now the devotees in Ujjain had matured and could run the day to day activities and that his main objective was to go all out and preach all over the world. He praised His Grace Ganganarayan Prabhu for leading such a humble life doing so much menial service while being the co president of the temple. He also mentioned the warm hospitality of His Grace Subhananda Prabhu in looking after the guests who come to Ujjain. He also spoke highly of His Grace Santagauranga Prabhu for cooking wonderful prasadaù for the devotees. Guru Maharaja mentioned that he had heard about these devotees from various devotees who had visited Ujjain in the past. The large devotee community who had come in the afternoon to welcome him here in turn assured him that they would give their very best so that everyone who comes to this temple would cherish there visit lifelong.

Guru Maharaja dealt with his recent visit in the last one month when he had visited five countries Dubai, South Africa, Mauritius, Botswana and Bahrain.  For the next month he will mainly be staying in Mayapura and attend several programs in and around Kolkata.

In the evening we had an ecstatic kirtan in the temple with everyone dancing to the melodious Harinama sung by Guru Maharaja. The next day was Ekadasi and the 24 hour kirtan started from 6am and Guru Maharaja led the kirtana at Mangala Arati and did the Guru Puja. He gave the Srimad Bhagavatam class then sat with the management team where it again became clear that he wanted the leaders to manage and take collective decisions.

The following day marked the beginning of one of Guru Maharaja’s very dear projects when the bhumi puja was performed for a school just opposite to the temple.  By Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan’s divine arrangement His Grace Radhacharan Prabhu from Surat had come across Mr. Somani, a chartered account by profession but who has now dedicated his life to spreading education by building new schools in several states in India. The immediate objective was to build a primary school which will develop into a secondary school and in future fructify into a university in the place where Lord Krishna and Balaram studied at Sandipan Muni’s ashrama.

The details of the program are narrated by Her Grace Archana Mataji.

After the Srimad Bhagavatam class, Gurumaharaj announced that we will have a Bhumi Puja ceremony for our school and greeted Radha Caran Prabhu who has come along with Mr and Mrs Somani for the occasion. He also asked Yogesh Prabhu, in charge of the goshala, to bring the cows on the land to graze; land which is located just opposite to the temple property.

Upon arriving on the sight, Guru Maharaja followed by all the devotees circumambulated the arena of sacrifice.

Guru Maharaja started his speech saying that we got the land about three years ago but due to our involvement in many other things we were not able to start the construction. Guru Maharaja recalled his first meeting with Mr Somanani, the meeting was arranged by HG Radha Caran Prabhu. Mr Somani is well known for his concern for the chidren’s education so it is not his first project, he already built some schools in India.

When Guru Maharaja presented the project of having a school in Ujjain, Mr Somani became very interested and agreed to help.   Guru Maharaj thanked His Grace Radha Caran Prabhu for being instrumental in Krsna’s hands to bring this project to reality. Guru Maharaja mentioned how this is just the beginning, first a primary school.

Then in about three years when our students will be ready for college, we will have a residential college ready to welcome them. This college can be anywhere since it will be residential, it will eventually be extended into a university campus.

Guru Maharaja mentioned that Mister Somani is now helping building the school but he also expects him to be very active in the activities of the school when we will start.

What is the meaning of Bhumi Puja?

We are thanking Mother Bhumi who is giving us the facility of this land to build our school and seeking for Her blessings. We also pray Lord Sankarshan who is not different from Lord Balaram, remembering that Balaram and Krsna came to study in Ujjain under the guidance of their master Sandipani Muni, to bestow His blessings that the project becomes successful.

Guru Maharaja thanked again Mr and Mrs Somani for coming and mentioned that Mr Somani insisted to have the ceremony this time during Guru Maharaja’s visit in Ujjain.  The ceremony started with the recitation of Brahma Samhita then Guru Maharaja recited the mantras.

Sitting around the fire yajna, different devotees like Mr and Mrs Somani , His Grace Radha Caran Prabhu, His Grace Ganga Narayana Prabhu, His Grace Bimala Krsna Prabhu, His Grace Parasurama Prabhu, His Grace Lila Purushotta Prabhu, His Grace Sitanatha Prabhu, His Grace Nandavraja Prabhu were offering grains to Visnu.

Gurumaharaja successfully broke the coconut on the heavy stone placed in the middle of the land on one go, it has not been the case for everyone. The ladies were laughing; it was time for the men to show their strength. That is the  proof that spiritual and material strength both come from Krsna.  Then Guru Maharaja followed by some selected devotees ploughed the land.

The ceremony ended with Guru Maharaja distributing sweets to everyone then joyfully everyone followed Guru Maharaja back to the temple. )

In the afternoon we had a wonderful feast sponsored by a devotee who had just got a job and gave his first month’s total earning for Vaishnava seva. We also saw how H.G. Bimal Krishna Pr the co president of the temple attending to the directives of Guru Maharaj practically the whole time he was here.  Prabhu has dedicated himself in selfless devotional service for the Ujjain temple having left his comfortable life in the United Kingdom.

At 5pm Guru Maharaj departed from Ujjain by train for Mumbai and was given a touching send off at the station.

Photos of Guru Maharaj’s stay in Ujjain can be viewed at click here

Mukunda das
Ujjain India.


Sent by His Grace Mukunda Dasa and Her Grace Arcana Dasi