School Program At Iskcon Ujjain Temple

School Program At Iskcon Ujjain Temple

On 20th December at 8.30 am, around 200  students of Kendriya Vidyalay a government school accompanied of two  senior teachers and the vice principal Mrs Diwedi visited the temple.

Guru Maharaj had visited their school on 11 August 2010 and was very impressed by them. After this first meeting with Guru Maharaj, they had expressed their immense pleasure they had derived and wished they could meet Guru Maharaj another time. So this time they had come to the temple.

Guru Maharaj started his speech by asking this unexpected question Why do you come to the temple?
Guru Maharaj: ” To see God ” There are two ways to know things *using our common sense
Example:I did not meet my great grand father but by common sense i know he had existed. We do not have to see things to always believe it.  This information has to come from a proper source (a source you can trust) and can be verified by your intelligence. Example : You have not been to America but you know that such a country exists.  But you also need a qualified teacher to understand the books.

There are different kinds of science that you study at school. Chemistry which is the Science of matter, Physics which is the science of energy, Geography which studies the earth planet At school, you deal with a perceivable reality, this material world. But beyond this material world, there is another reality not perceivable with our senses; that is the Science of the soul. For this science you need an institution which teaches this subject and that is what ISKCON does..

There are two approaches of the spiritual world using our common sense:

1) If you compare a dead body and a living body.  You can see that the living body is conscious and the dead body not. We use this expression, he passed away, he left his body, he departed. So something has left and this is the soul. Consciousness is the symptom of the presence of the soul.

2) Whatever we see around us has been created by someone so this world also has a creator.  Behind this wonderful arrangement there is a supreme intelligence, a supreme controller, maintainer and that is God.  Only an unintelligent person will think that the watch I am wearing felt from the sky.

One question was asked about the arca vigraha of the Lord Gurumaharaj  gave this example:
If you show a picture of one child to a mother, she will just see an ordinary baby; but the same picture shown to  the mother of this child so much feeling and emotions will be there because she has some intimate relation with this child.
That is the difference between the devotee and the non devotee.

Meaning of the Maha Mantra

“Oh Supreme, all attractive Lord, please deliver me from my suffering, miserable condition and allow me to love you, to serve you, to be with you.”

As the students were going to face their board exam soon, GuruMaharaj gave his blessings and ask them to become very nice boys and girls, to become assets for their family , the nation and the all world; and to make their life successful materially and spiritually.

The children then received prasadam from Guru Maharaj and sang and chanted with him.

Photos of the school program at : click here

Article by H.G.Archana Matagi and photos by Mukunda das

Mukunda das
Ujjain India.

Article  By Her Grace Archana Dasi And Sent By His Grace Mukunda Prabhu