ISKCON Ujjain Update 19th December, 2010

ISKCON Ujjain Update 19th December, 2010

Guru Maharaj arrived here on 14th morning and it was much colder from the earlier places like Kolkata, Mayapur, Bhubenshwar and Mumbai that he had just visited. After having darshan of the deities he had breakfast and then immediately went out to visit the various departments of the temple. Later he called a meeting of the management council and then again inspected the construction of the apartments. His main focus is to complete the two blocks by August, 2011. Later he took a much needed rest for the day.

The next day he went to visit a camp conducted by the police authorities for drug addicts at a place about 240 kms from Ujjain.

The following day we had the unique privilege of having amongst us Guru Maharaj’s dear God brother H.G.Udayananda Pr from Detroit along with his son H.G.Arjun Pr. For the last few days the entire temple has been transformed with their enthusiastic dancing right from Mangal arati followed by Darshan arati. Also his narrations about his meetings with Srila Prabhupada and his endeavor for book distribution and preaching touched our hearts.

H.G.Udayananda Pr also gave us a glimpse of  the unique devotional characteristics of Guru Maharaj and how he was expanding the movement as instructed by his spiritual master. Last of all we were overwhelmed when he expressed his desire to come and stay in the holy dhama of Ujjain.

On 17th ekadasi we celebrated Gita Jayanti. Guru Maharaj led the recitation of the entire Bhagavat Gita which took about two and a half hours followed by a fire sacrifice ceremony. Also we had a 24 hour kirtan as is the practice on ekadasi. Guru Maharaj instructed each one to at-least distribute one Gita on this auspicious day.

We also had the presence of H.G.Jayesh Pr and his newly married wife H.G.Madhuri Matagi both from Kolkata who came to have darshan of Guru Maharaj plus entertained us to an unforgettable feast.  We also celebrated the birthday of H.G.Radha Balav Prabhu the pride of Ujjain Govinda’s and we honored the same with a mouth watering spread of pasta.

In the evenings we have the great fortune of participating in kirtans led by Guru Maharaja and the whole temple springs to life with the dancing and singing.

The exquisite eye catching and perfect workmanship of our deity dresses are attracting more and more temples and individual devotees to get their Deity dress made at our Deity dress department. We also have made a name in providing superbly crafted altars with gold leaf plating and one of those marvelous pieces has been recently shipped to the Sri Sri Radha Govinda temple in Kolkata. Also the life like murtis of Srila Prabupada and the Guru Parampara are the pride of several temples around the world.

The best time to visit India and especially Ujjain are the following months till mid March as the temperatures are moderate by western standards plus multi coloured flowers will be in full bloom during this period. We look forward to having your association during these cold winter months (for us) as you will all warm up our hearts and give us an opportunity to serve you all. 16th February is Sri Nityananda Prabhu’s appearance the anniversary of the inauguration of Ujjain temple and Guru Maharaj will surely be here.

Photos of the last few days can be looked up at Click Here

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Mukunda das
Ujjain India.