ISKCON Ujjain update 27th November, 2010.

ISKCON Ujjain update 27th November, 2010.

Sent by Mukunda Prabhu

It is quite unusual this time of the year that we are getting heavy rains every day. This is very beneficial for the winter crops but excessive rains could spoil the harvest.

On 14th November Sunday we celebrated Gopastami and hundreds of devotees came to the temple to have darshan of the most revered and worship able charan of Srimati Radharani. This only highlighted how the residents of Ujjain are getting more and more attached to Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan.

On 17th the disappearance day of Srila Gaur Kishore Das Babaji Maharaj was observed by offering puspanjali at his lotus feet and his exemplary life was
elaborately discussed during the morning Bhagavatam class.

From 17th till 19th we had the good fortune of hosting the ISKCON leaders training program for western India which dealt with the subject of devotee care.

On 21st instant we celebrated the end of Chaturmasya and H.G.Gaurvani Prabhu who had rigidly observed the four months of austerity broke his fast in the evening.  Prabhu had only taken boiled rice with vegetables once a day for three months, then only on fruits during Damodara and on the last five days remained nirjala.

We received a mail from Guru Maharaj about the wonderful devotional life of Her Grace Vrinda devi dasi of Germany who left her body on 17th which was ekadasi. Guru Maharaj had mentioned her loving motherly qualities and how
she was so eager to serve him. The letter was read out during Bhagavatam class while the devotees joined in a 24 hour kirtan and prayer in her honor and memory. The devotees participated in an elaborate and choicest feast
which included among many items lemon rice, sukta, pakora, palak paneer and finally our special gulabjamun.

Guru Maharaj will arrive on 30th November at Mumbai then to Kolkata on 2nd where he will address a seminar for three days. On 6 th and 7th he will stay at Mayapur then proceed to Bhubaneshwar and arrive at Ujjain on 13th of December. We eagerly look forward to his home coming.

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