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by Ramananda Raya Dasa

“Wherever People Are Receptive Towards Krishna Consciousness, We Should Take Care Of Them,” Guru Maharaja told myself and Kamlesh Krishna Prabhu, who drove us to Sacitanaya Prabhus house in Leicester, where we spent the night after the evening program in Iskcon Leicester.  A hall in Leicester is temporarily being used for programs organized by the Iskcon Leicester devotees, after recently on the day after Janmastami, a gaz explosion had devastated the temple building.

Pradyumna Prabhu, the Iskcon Leicester Temple President,  had received us first at the temple building where the devastated part of the building had been cleaned up nicely.  He described how some devotees started to smell gaz in the kitchen.  When he checked the gaz valve, the gaz started to pour out and the devotees ran and shouted alarm.  A big explosion had followed and miraculously, nobody died in that terrible accident.  One brahmacari devotee was stuck on the first floor.  The devotees shouted to him to jump out unto a canapee, which he safely managed to do…

Guru Maharaja had been informed half an hour after the accident happened.  When finally past Sunday evening, we visited and held a program with the about hundred fifty Leicester devotees in the temporary rented hall, Guru Maharaja expressed sincere feelings of love and care.  He had wanted to come and visit the devotees as soon as possible, which he immediately did after the GBC meetings in Mumbai.   Guru Maharaja had been touched deeply and he expressed how miraculous it was that no one had been killed in the accident.

Thank You !

On behalf of Srila Prabhupada I would like to thank youfor your wonderful service, suport and dedication to ISKCON Leicester.

Our community has experienced a set back with losing the temple in such a devastating way.  wit it no doubt, our spiritual and emotional well being has been impacted.  It is admirable that in these circumstances you have continued to remain enthusiastic and devoted to the service of Sri Sri Pancha Tattva.  Thank you so much for that.

Please continue with this spirit of service.  We need to offer Their Lordships a new home.  Let that be our focus.  We have so much to do in spreading the message of Lord Chaitanya to the people of this City and County.  Let that be our goal.  And we have to do this together as a community.  Let that be our strength.

You are a unique and important limb of Lord Chaitanya’s mission.  Thank you for being special in this journey and let that journey continue guided by the sweet will of the Lord.

With gratitude,

(Hand-Signed in print) Bhakti Caru Swami

Bhakti Caru Swami
7th November 2010

This text was prepared by Pradyumna Prabhu and read by Guru Maharaja to all the Leicester devotees.  Then one by one all the Leicester devotees were honored by Pradyumna and Guru Maharaja and each one of them received from Guru Maharaja’s hands a copy of the text with a picture of the most extatic Iskcon Leicester Panca Tattva Deities.

Kamlesh Krishna Prabhu, responsible for several departments in the Bhaktivedanta Manor, assured Pradyumna that the insurance had recently accepted this case as an accident and they would cover the damages.  When minutes later we drove up to the conference hall, Kamlesh Krishna further told us how a day after this incident he had met with Pradyumna Prabhu who was still completely in shock, walking up and down in front of the demolished building.  “This area is a Muslim area, isn’t it?”, Guru Maharaja uttered when we drove back.   “Yes, Hindu officials were given notice about a terrorist attack and they had immediately sent down two officers” Kamlesh Krishna Prabhu added.

The next day Monday, we went to the BBC radio studios for the interview with Guru Maharaja.  After that Guru Maharaja took breakfast with a few devotees and later around 11h15 a disciple meeting with the Leicester devotees followed.  Guru Maharaja told everyone to read a chapter of the Bhagavad-gita as the first thing when waking up every morning.  He demonstrated how this can be done in five minutes.  Then he taught the disciples the technique how to learn verses by heart.  This is done through repetition first, then memorizing the first word of every line, then studying the meaning of the words, then writing down the verse and finally giving it a tune.  By repeating this process during the day one should be able to capture and memorize it.

The devotee-disciples prepare very delicious prasadam meals for Guru Maharaja which His Divine Grace honoured while fully appreciating everyone involved with heartfelt loving words.  On Sunday morning in the house of Deepak and Priti, Guru Maharaja had cooked himself chinese noodles with lumpias for all present.  One can imagine the delight of everyone who tasted the nectarean preparations cooked by Guru Maharaja himself.  I thought and mentioned to Guru Maharaja : “Nobody has a father who is able to cook such tasty dishes”.

your servant,

Ramananda Raya Dasa