Govardhana Puja In Iskcon Ujjain

Govardhana Puja In Iskcon Ujjain

An expert shop keeper in order to sell his goods will advertise publicly a sale, which will naturally attract and draw in customers into his shop.  Through this advertising his sales are boosted and awareness is arisen when his shop becomes quite popular.

Similarly Lord Krsna also canvasses for Himself, when he wonderfully makes available to us His different lilas,which become manifest within our Krsna Conscious Society. This canvassing is only to attract the fallen conditioned souls, back home back to Godhead. In this month of Kartik, many auspicious festivals are coming, flowing like the Ganges,to purify us.and intensify our devotion to The Lord.Those who are fortunate to come to Sri Sri Radha Madhan Mohan temple will also drawn into this river of mercy.

A large crowd gathered on our wonderful auspicious day of Govardhan Puja.  A replica of Govardhan Hill was set up, made from delicious cake, upon which had look-alike rocks features made ofcarob. Beautiful kunds were set up around this hill, cows and sheep’s freely rooming around. A large variety of sweets, cakes and biscuits were made up for the decoration of look-alike gopis, gopas, sadhus, stones, trees,cows, sheep, etc. At the bottom, Krsna was majestically placed where he held this Hill on his little finger. The Lord Giri-Govardhan was splendidly decorated. He sported a multi coloured silk turban upon which hung pearl necklaces,a fragrant garland made of red and yellow petals roses; His face was elaborately decorated with artistically kumkum gopi designs.

Giri Govardhan has given us the re assurance that He will always protect His devotees, those who have no shelter other than Him.

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Article By Her Grace Sarada Dasi