Message From Guru Maharaja

Message From Guru Maharaja

Sent by His Grace Bhimal Krishna Dasa

The following is a message from His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja that was read out at the International Yoga Seminar – Therapeutic & Prophylactic Aspects of YOGA, being held in Ujjain between 29-31 October 2010.


First of all, I wish to convey my apologies to everyone for my inability to attend this function today. I am held up in Mumbai for some very important meetings.

When I got to know about this Yoga Seminar, I naturally felt very enlivened.  The Vedic wisdom holds the secret key to solving all the problems that are stifling human society today. By providing us with information of the spiritual reality, the Vedic wisdom is reminding us that the ultimate goal of life is not material prosperity but spiritual emancipation.

Human society today has become so blind due to its gross materialistic pursuits that people have lost the ability to perceive things from the proper perspective, what to speak of the ability to see things that exist
beyond their sight. They are making so many arrangements to take care of the external aspects of their body, but they have practically no concern for the internal organs, and even less for taking care of the needs of the soul. So many products are being manufactured today to care for one’s hair or teeth or nails with far less consideration for organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys, although they are hundreds or thousands of times more important than the hair, teeth and nails.

The Vedic wisdom reminds us about the importance of not just the internal aspects of our body but provides us with the wisdom to perceive our spiritual identity as well. It reminds us about our relationship with the Lord in our heart.

The word Yoga literally means to become connected to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  The Lord is situated in our hearts as the Supersoul. And Yoga, through its eight different stages, allows us to perceive Him. Those eight different aspects of “astanga yoga” are yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dhyana, dharana and samadhi.

Although what goes on in the name of Yoga today is mainly the “asana”, or at the most, the “pranayama” aspect of the Yoga, the actual process of Yoga begins from “pratyahara”, which means withdrawal of the senses from the objects of the senses. Then only one becomes eligible for “dhyana”, or meditation. When this meditation upon the Lord in the heart is properly, accomplished, the Yogi reaches the stage of “dharana”. And at the final stage of Yoga, known as “samadhi”, he is able to see the Lord in the heart.

The actual human civilization is based on understanding one’s spiritual identity and re-establishing one’s relationship with the Lord in the heart.  The Vedic culture very systematically and methodically leads one to achieve that goal.

It is unfortunate that most of the Indians today have forgotten their spiritual heritage due to many years of foreign domination and the intense influence of the gross materialism of the West.  It is time for them to wake up and see what an immense spiritual wealth they have inherited from their ancestors.

All over the world, thoughtful and progressively-minded individuals are recognizing the spiritual wealth of India. Therefore it is time now for the Indians to take full advantage of that opportunity. They should become aware of their actual wealth and start distributing it all over the world for the benefit of mankind. Then only will India be able to retrieve her lost glory and become recognized as the most exalted nation of this world.


Sent by His Grace Bhimal Krishna Dasa