ISKCON Ujjain Update 17th October, 2010

ISKCON Ujjain Update 17th October, 2010

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By His Grace Mukunda Prabhu

Guru Maharaj arrives today from Mumbai in the afternoon specially to attend the Dussehra festival where he has been specially invited by the elders of Ujjain. Actually this is one day when almost the entire population of Ujjain assembles to watch the spectacular fireworks depicting the killing of Ravana by Lord Ramchandra. The festival is held in a big park called the Dussehra maidan.

For the last few days we had the glittering ceremony all over India celebrating Durga Puja where every part of the country observed the same according to the local culture. Here in Ujjain Mother Durga was worshipped and people performed Garbha and Dandiya dances which are akin to Rajasthani and Gujarati traditions.

Guru Maharaj mentioned to us about the glorious passing away of Her Grace Rukma Vati devi dasi on the fifth October and how she remembered and served Lord Krishna to the very last moment   Her grieved husband H.G. Harichandan Prabhu along with his grandson His Grace Harikesh Haridas Prabhu from Durban South Africa came over to Ujjain to perform her last rights at the banks of the holy Sipra river. Then they gave a wonderful feast in honor of the departed soul.  The feast will be remembered for a long long time because of the choicest items on the menu and Her Grace Sripati Prabhus magical cooking abilities.

We have a group of around 250 devotees arriving tomorrow from Kolkata led by H.G.Asray Gauranga Pr, they will just be here for a day on their way to Somnath and other pilgrim spots. We look forward to having an opportunity to serve and associate with them.

Guru Maharaj will again leave for Mumbai around the middle of next week to attend GBC and other meetings.

Photos of the last few days at look here