ISKCON Ujjain Update 10th October, 2010

ISKCON Ujjain Update 10th October, 2010

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By His Grace Mukunda Prabhu

It is very difficult to share with you all the windfall of blissful joy we are experiencing over the last few days which has come about due to certain changes in the schedule of Guru Maharaj.

Every day we have the presence of Guru Maharaj during mangal arati and the mornings he leads kirtan removes the hot blazing fire of material existence temporarily for us conditioned souls. A few minutes later after Tulsi arati we have the good fortune of accompanying His Holiness for a morning walk which usually lasts for 45 minutes.

Guru Maharaj comes and attends darshan arati and then we assemble at his quarters for the Srimad Bhagavatam class. Around 1pm devotees in different departments come for consultation and directives. They then have the unique fortune of having prasadam with Guru Maharaj. In the evening at 5.30 pm he narrates the stories from the Mahabharat in Hindi and on some days he comes to the temple after evening arati to read and explain one chapter of the Bhagavat Gita followed by ecstatic kirtan. The culmination of the day is the receiving of garlands from his hand.

Guru Maharaj has been explaining the verses of Canto 3-25 of the Srimad Bhagavatam “The glories of devotional service”, the teachings of Lord Kapila to his mother Devahuti during morning classes which is being transmitted online at The lectures will be uploaded on

On Friday His Holiness met with the pujari department headed by H.G.Arunaksha Pr and he directed them in following the highest standards in Deity worship. Specially Guru Maharaj stressed on using the best available flowers for making garlands for the Deities and recommended that the budgets be increased for the same. He mentioned the dresses of the Deities which already are very eye catching be made even better. The alters are getting a new coat of gold leaf on them while the fragrance of the incense has also improved.  A few devotees received extra mercy by way of chastisement and later Guru Maharaj asked devotees to recollect any reprimand that they had received in the past. Guru Maharaj explained that his duty was to be heavy on devotees to put them on the right track and those receiving the most directives were the ones who were closest to him.

Having *prasadam* with Guru Maharaj is an unforgettable experience. A few devotees have had the great fortune being invited by him for tasting his favorite the Pizza.

Also is the chance of hearing the tales of the Mahabharat sitting at his lotus feet and the number of devotees attending the katha is increasing every day.

Guru Maharaj seems to be quite relaxed having being able to stay at home for a few days however he plans to leave for Mumbai on the 14th instant.

Pictures of the two days happenings can be viewed at this link : copy here

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