*Ujjain update 24th September, 2010*

*Ujjain update 24th September, 2010*

Sent By Mukunda Prabhu

*Guru Maharaj left Ujjain around noon on Monday 20th instant. His schedule for the next two months will be probably like this: From Mumbai on 20th night he leaves for Malaysia and two days later goes to China. From there he returns to Malaysia and then back to Mumbai. We can expect him in Surat on 2  nd October where he will spend three days. He then proceeds to Bangladesh for about five days and then comes to Mayapur. Around the middle of the month he comes to Mumbai and we can expect him in Ujjain for a couple of days. During the last week and early November he will be busy with several meetings in Mumbai then proceed to London to take part in the opening of a goshala and address top executives of Barkley’s bank. He then proceeds to USA. While narrating his schedule he mentioned that the mind works faster than what the body can endure.*

*The twenty days Guru Maharaj was in Ujjain the whole temple vibrated with his singing, dancing and preaching together with the devotees and locals who came from far and wide. The difference can now be  experienced in the temple with just a handful of visitors. It dawned amongst us the magical and magnetic attraction of Guru Maharaj to draw countless conditioned souls to his lotus feet and connect them to the lotus feet of  Sri Sri Radha MadanMohan.*

*Sunday was Ekadasi we all participated in 24 hour kirtan. The next morning Guru Maharaj broke his fast with mahaprasad and then distributed the same along with sweets to all present.   In the morning an istogosthi was held where Guru Maharaj stressed on the subject of unity and requested all of us to set an example to the worldwide community of an ideal temple.*

*He gave a glimpse of his resolve to establish the Avanti institute of higher education in line with the VIHE and MIHE. Later he fed sweet rice mahaprasad to the infant Utamapad in a ceremony termed anaprasan.*

*Pictures of the istogosthi and Guru Maharaj leaving can be seen at this link Click here

Mukunda das

ISKCON Ujjain India.