*Ujjain update 10th September, 2010*

*Ujjain update 10th September, 2010*

Sent in by Mukunda Prabhu

*From tomorrow the Seminar will begin and continue till 16th instant.*

*There will be four sessions when devotees will receive the true knowledge from the sastras and make spiritual progress from the instructions of Guru Maharaj.*

*Just to give all an idea of how the daily schedule will be like, the first session in the morning will be on the Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 3, chapter 24 The Renunciation of Kardama Muni followed by breakfast . The second session will be on the Mahabharat from 11.30am which will conclude with lunch. At 5 in the evening Guru Maharaj will dwell again on the Mahabharat and later in the evening he will elaborate on chapters on the Bhagavat Gita. Later the day will culminate with dinner.*

*Guru Maharaj’s schedule will be extremely hectic as besides the four sessions he will meet individual devotees coming from far and wide plus instruct the local devotees on every aspect of guest reception.*

*Yesterday Guru Maharaj was invited to a school run by the central government where two hundred students interacted with Guru Maharaj. Today Guru Maharaj honored prasadam in presence of all the devotees.*

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