ISKCON Ujjain Seminar 2010 Day 3

ISKCON Ujjain Seminar 2010 Day 3

Ujjain update 13th September, 2010

Sent in by His Grace Mukunda Prabhu

In the morning class Guru Maharaj elaborated on the aspect of daina or humility as the first step to saranagati. He instructed us to cultivate the quality of daina by considering oneself as being the greatest sinner and giving innumerable pain to other living entities. We generally become joyful when others are suffering and feel sorrow when someone is well off. Guru Maharaj sang the song “ amar jiban sada pape roto, nahi ko purner o lesh “ composed by Bhaktivinod Thakur.

We were then treated to upma and sambar two south Indian delicacies during breakfast and later mingled with the visiting devotees. The variety and taste of the prasadam is being highly appreciated by one and all thanks to the combined effort of our devotee kitchen and Govindas.

The two sessions on Mahabharata were really lively due to the wonderful way of storytelling by Guru Maharaj. It sometimes made our blood boil with rage on hearing the deceitful actions of the Kauravas while other times we felt shame for the humiliation and suffering endured by the Pandavas.

Those who got approval for Harinam initiation had to appear for a final test before Guru Maharaj while those selected for Brahman initiation will meet Guru Maharaj tomorrow for his final endorsement.  The ceremony will take place on the day of the appearance of Srimati Radharani which is on Wednesday.

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