ISKCON Ujjain Seminar 2010 Day 2

ISKCON Ujjain Seminar 2010 Day 2

Ujjain update 12th September, 2010

Sent in by His Grace Mukunda Prabhu

As devotees entered the temple room for mangal arati they saw Guru Maharaja chanting in front of Srila Prabhupada and next we had his presence during Darshan arati.

Today’s morning class was on Saranagati. It was introduced by the song “Sri Krishna Chaityna Prabhu jiva daya kari —(composed by Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur ). Guru Maharaj then explained the six limbs of Saranagati which he will enlighten us in detail over the next three morning sessions.

Two sessions of Mahabharat followed, one from 11.30am and the other from 5pm. Devotees listened in raft attention as Guru Maharaj brought forward the countless treacheries committed by the blind Dhritrarastra and his son Duryodhana and on the other hand the perils tribulations, the forgiving attitude of Yudhishthira and restraint of the Pandavas.

Yesterday Guru Maharaj had mentioned that none of us leave our homes without our mobile phones. He then questioned whether it is more important to carry a Gita along with us or the mobile phone. Induced by Guru Maharaj nearly everyone brought along a copy of the sacred book.

I had mentioned about the craving for garlands and you will notice from the photos the enthusiasm with which devotees look forward to get even a flower from Guru Maharaj.

The photos of today can be viewed on the following link :  click here