Vote for Veda Foundation

Vote for Veda Foundation

*EDIT: The voting deadline has been extended! Today is the last day to vote (12 Dec 2009)

By Rupanuga das

Our Godsister, Saranagati mataji from NY, USA, has discovered a way to potentially earn 25K for the Youth Fund by voting for your favorite charity “Veda Foundation” on the Facebook. The deadline is tomorrow (Friday, Dec 11) and the top 100 charities will be announced within a few days.

If you have a Facebook account (or wouldn’t mind getting one for this purpose), follow the following two easy steps. Please make sure that your privacy settings don’t change in the process.

1. Visit the website or click this link to go directly:

2. Type; Veda Foundation under “Search for a local charity…”. You should
see Veda Foundation, registered office: Anaheim, CA. Click “GO.”

3. Forward this post to all of your friends or let them know what the Veda Foundation is doing.

*** you may need to create your own Facebook if you do not have one yet, but remember the voting ends Dec 11 (Friday).