Vyasa Puja offerings (2)

Vyasa Puja offerings (2)

We continue with the Vyasa Puja offerings selected by H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami


Nama om Visnupadaya Krsna presthaya bhutale srimate Bhakti Caru swamin iti namine
Snigdha cetah supraneta vagminam ca rasaplutam Prabhupada gata prana naumi Bhakti Caru padam

Nama om Visnupadaya Krsna presthaya bhutale srimate Bhaktivedanta swamin iti namine
Namaste sarasvate deve gaura vani pracarine Nirvisesa sunyavadi pascatya desa tarine

Dearest Srila Guru-Maharaj,

We offer our most respectful and humble dandavat pranams at the dust of your lotus feet. All glories to Jagad-Guru, Srila Prabhupada and all glories to your loving divine grace.

We wish you a very happy vyasa-puja and pray to Srimati Radharani for many happy returns of this auspicious day. Guru-Maharaj, this past year has been full of realizations and new spiritual experiences by your blessings. Keeping you at the centre of my life, each day I can feel how your causeless mercy flows unconditionally in the upkeep of my devotional service. Although it’s been 7 years since Lord Krishna mercifully sent you as my master and saviour, that first darshan of your divine grace is still afresh to my vision

Guru-Maharaj, you have made all arrangements not only for your disciples but for humanity at large through your many innovative ways of getting your association through your lectures, live internet broadcasts, activity reports and etc. In every activity of yours, you never fail to strengthen our commitment and conviction to Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON. In a very exemplary way, you teach us the mood of becoming an eternal sisya by displaying your unconditional pure love for Srila Prabhupada. Please Guru-Maharaj, instill in our hearts a drop of that mood of servitorship for your divine grace as you have for Srila Prabhupada.

Guru-Maharaj, by your mercy I was very fortunate to travel and serve two of your most wonderful god brothers, HH Vedavyasapriya Maharaj and HH Bhaktimarg Maharaj during their recent visit to Fiji. I got to learn a lot from both of them. They both display unlimited compassion and humility for the suffering souls. With HH Bhaktimarg Maharaj, I could see how compassionate he was especially for the native people for whom we have hardly made any efforts to give Krishna consciousness. During his cross country walk, Maharaj would embrace the local people and somehow get them to chant Hare Krishna. Prior to meeting Maharaj, I had a very different opinion of the native Fijians but after seeing Maharaj, I realized that Srila Prabhupada emphasized on getting the native people to become Krishna conscious and here I was, only focusing on the Indian populace. Had it not been your mercy, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to get association of some of your most beloved god brothers.

Guru-Maharaj, I must admit today that for a couple of months I haven’t been doing much service. My preaching work had practically stopped but yes, writing this offering I am getting renewed energy to do more preaching. I can feel being purified while writing this offering. I have read some where that writing for the pleasure of Guru and Krishna, one gets personal purification. Thank you very much for this opportunity to write on your vyasa-puja.

Guru-Maharaj, in your last visit to Fiji, in one of your lectures you told us, “Don’t try to see God but act in such a way that God will call you”. I am sure that I will only be able to achieve this by rendering service to you with all my heart. Please Guru-Maharaj, instruct me, chastise me for my many offences and guide me to become a better servant of all the living entity. Just as Lord Krishna’s glories are unlimited, so are your divine glories. For a dull minded person I am, it would take many lifetimes for me to properly glorify you.

On this auspicious day, I pray to remain a speck of dust at your lotus feet, O my beloved Guru-Maharaj. Wishing you the most wonderful vyasa-puja celebration again and again and hope that some day, we will be in your personal association to celebrate this day and directly get the nectar of your association.

Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!
Srila Guru-Maharaj vyasa-puja Mahotsav ki jaya!

Your most fallen children,
Vrajendra Suta Das
Atmasakti Devi Dasi
Baby Anandamaya Das

Ps. Guru-Maharaj, some of our god brothers and god sisters listed below in Taveuni (you visited this island in your first visit to Fiji in 2002 and this is where you gave me initiation) could not send you written offerings because they do not have internet access and are not so well educated but they requested me to send their love, humble obeisances and best wishes to your divine grace.

Natwar Prabhu
Suprabha Mataji
Santirupa Mataji
Satnarayan Prabhu
Renuka Mataji
Manohara Prabhu

Precious Guru Maharaj,

Please kindly accept my humble obeissances at your lotus feet on this auspicious day of your appearance in this world. This year I will not be able to assist your Vyasa Puja in Ujjain in the company of the devotees of Dhaka but I will probably reach Bangladesh end of October.

Actually,your words are very precious and this I can realize when I am away from the association of the devotees,a friend in need is a friend indeed. For example this summer,when I left Malaga for Marbella in Spain to meet whith my cousin sister for three days,these simple words of yours helped me face the entire situation:”Body and matter are the same,still the body does not acts like dead matter,why?because of the presence of the soul.” Recently when I was near Geneva at the house of the doctor who raised me in my youth,remembrance of the beautiful story of King Visvamitra,sage Vasistha and the Surabhi cow called Nandini you narrated in one of your classes made me feel very at ease whith these people although materialy speaking I am a poper compared to them.

This is  to say that your words are full of power because full of realization and faith in Krsna, Srila Prabhupada and your ISKCON. Your projects also are very attractive and really Krsna conscious and give us a broader idea of what Krsna Consciousness can be.

Although I am not directly engaged in serving you personally I can on a daily basis listen to your classes at bcswami.com. It means you are very responsibly assuming your service as a spiritual master in ISKCON. Although still quite a passive disciple,I hope to have your association in Ujjain and maybe also Bangladesh in a near future