Ujjain update 10 Sept 2009

Ujjain update 10 Sept 2009

by Mukunda Prabhu – Ujjain update 10th September 2009

H.H Bhakti Charu Maharaja gave the morning class in the hall where devotees take prasadam. In the temple room 24 hour kirtan is continuing and so Maharaja changed the venue of the class.

While speaking on (SB.3.15.11) Maharaja spoke of auspicious signs like  twitching of the right eye for men and the left for women. He mentioned inauspicious signs like the crying of a cat and when a black cat crosses the road in front of someone he advised that one should stop momentarily chant Hare Krishna and then proceed. He stressed that these are not superstition but are mentioned in the scriptures and proven by many incidents.

Towards the end of the class Maharaja noticed a little soot and cobwebs  in the prasadam hall and expressed his desire that the next days class should be in the same hall but with a fresh coat of sparkling white paint.
Painters are working round the clock to meet the deadline.

Tomorrow we start of with the retreat and we all expect to see you there and submerge in the nectar of Maharaja’s words and kirtan.