Krishna Wants His Children Back Part 2

Krishna Wants His Children Back Part 2


Thank you very much! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Gaura Premanande Hari Haribol!
Does anybody have any question?

Devotee: Guru Maharaja, this question is from Guru Gauranga prabhu. If Krishna loves us so much, it seems there should be more incarnations every hundred years. Is there a reason why He doesn’t?
BCS: Well, Krishna’s incarnation are not only every hundred years. Krishna’s incarnations are always there. Say for example, Krishna is ready to appear any time a devotee wants to reciprocate with Him. And especially in this age Krishna is present. Krishna has incarnated, Krishna is there through the Holy Name. Krishna is there in the form of the Holy Name. Now the question may arise, why doesn’t Krishna appear? In the age of Kali there are so many false avataras appearing that Krishna feels that if He appeared then we will think He is also one of those false avataras. He will think, we won’t recognize Him as Krishna, we will think Him to be Sai Baba. [laughter] So that’s why Krishna doesn’t appear in this age in a form like that. Therefore Krishna appeared, not as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He appeared as a devotee. He appeared as a devotee and He doesn’t want us to recognize Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He wants that simply we recognize Him as a devotee and listen to His words. And what’s He saying? He is not saying, “I am God.” He is saying, “Krishna is God.” And in this age all the false, cheating incarnations will say, “I am God.” That is how we have to recognize a fake incarnation from a true incarnation. The real incarnation in this age came as a devotee, not as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
And then finally He will come at the end of the Kali Yuga. He’ll come with a sword in His hand and He’ll come riding on a white horse. And what He’ll do? He will keep on slaughtering everybody, all the demons. Until then Krishna is present in the form of His Holy Name. So we have to listen to the words of this devotee incarnation of the Lord and accept this incarnation. Kali kale nama rupe Krishna avatara, in the age of Kali Krishna has appeared in the form of His Holy Name. [CC Adi 17.22] So that is how we have to recognize Him.
So Krishna has appeared, Krishna is still present. He doesn’t have to appear every hundred years. Krishna can appear in every hundred minutes, or every hundred seconds! And the main point is Krishna is always present through His instructions.

Devotee: The second question is from Guru Gauranga prabhu again. Krishna could empower all devotees in ISKCON to be like shaktyavesha. Why Krishna appears to hold back His mercy? Is it due to our weakness?
BCS: Yeah, very good point. So the point Guru Gauranga is making is: Krishna can very well empower every devotee of ISKCON and make them shyaktyavesha or empowered incarnations like Srila Prabhupada. Well, why Krishna is not doing that? Is it due to our weakness or our lacking? Yes, you see, Krishna will empower according to the degree of our surrender. That is, Krishna will use us – empowered means using – Krishna will use us only when we are surrendered to Him. And He will rather use us when we are hundred percent surrendered, then He will use us hundred percent. For example, like, if Krishna gives us all the facilities and I think that, “I am the doer”, right? If I am not surrendered then what will happen? I will think that I am the doer and then what will happen? Krishna will give us all the facilities and I’ll enjoy this facility for my enjoyment. I’ll use that facility for my enjoyment. Then what will happen? I’ll fall down, right? Now does Krishna want me to fall down? Krishna doesn’t want me to fall down. Krishna doesn’t want His devotees to fall down. Therefore Krishna will give me the facilities to the extent I can use without falling down. So that is why Krishna is waiting for us to become qualified. Then Krishna will use us in an appropriate way and empower us to achieve all kinds of inconceivable things around the world to spread Krishna consciousness.

Devotee: Next question is from Deepak prabhu from Pune.
BCS: Deepak?
Devotee: Deepak from Pune.
BCS: Okay.
Devotee: Maharaja, you said that we living entities are always under the control of maya who inflicts the threefold miseries on us, due to which we are always engaged in sinful activities. So why we are doing prayascita if we are aware that it is very difficult to control the senses, which leads us again to indulge in sinful activities?
BCS: Yeah. Less intelligent people do prayascita. Anyway, those who didn’t hear the question, the question is that the living entities in the material nature are under the control of the material nature who is controlling everything or punishing the living entities through the threefold miseries, then why do we get involved in sinful activities and then execute prayascita and so forth?
So it is only the less intelligent people who do that. At least the living entities with some intelligence execute prayascita, but those who are absolutely unintelligent, those who are absolutely stupid they don’t even execute prayascita or atonement. How many people today are actually doing prayascita? They indulge in sinful activities, they commit crimes but they do not atone for that most of the time. Some people with little intelligence they do that. Why? Because they know that since they have done something wrong the punishment is going to be very severe. Therefore, on their own they try to accept some punishment for themselves to be free from that sinful reaction. That is middle class intelligence. No intelligence means no atonement, no recognition that I have done something wrong. Second class intelligence is, recognize that “I have done something that is wrong and I will suffer for that. Therefore let me take some precaution that I do not have to suffer.” But the first class intelligence is to surrender to Krishna and be completely free from sinful reactions. Just by surrendering to Krishna we can become free from sinful reactions, whatever sins, whatever misdeeds we have done in the past, Krishna will take care of that if I surrender unto Him. And there is no prayascita, for a devotee there is no prayascita, no atonement. I have taken shelter of Krishna, whatever I have done in the past, Krishna said that He will aham tvam sarva-papebhyo moksayisyami [Bg 18.66], but from now on let me not execute any sinful activities. From now on let me become a good boy or a good girl. No more wrong doing. Always remain at the lotus feet of Krishna, under the shelter of Krishna, without committing any sinful activities – that is no more meat eating, no intoxication, no illicit sex, no gambling. So observing these four regulative principles means no sinful reactions.

Devotee: One more question from Hrishikesha prabhu. Guru Maharaja, you said that when Krishna is protecting there is always victory and prosperity, however most of the temples in US are not doing good financially. How do we understand that?
BCS: [laughs] Well, a devotee is not really so interested about money and things. They are concerned more for their own spiritual life, own spiritual advancement. What’s the point in getting all the money in this world but not having Krishna? And what’s the use of all the money if I have Krishna? So for a devotee, what does he want? He wants Krishna’s mercy. He wants love for Krishna, devotion to Krishna. So materially if our temples are not doing very well, that doesn’t mean that there is lack of Krishna consciousness on the part of the devotees. But at the same time we also have to consider that actually the devotees are, the temples are in a bad shape in America today because people are not inspired to take to devotional service. That means we are not preaching. Because we are not preaching the people are not accepting Krishna consciousness. We are somehow trying to arrange everything and maintain. Our heart is not to serve Krishna. Our heart is somewhere else and we are thinking…Those who are involved in managing the temple, they are somehow trying to arrange something. I mean, I will say the things are lacking because our devotion is lacking. And, yes?
Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS:  Yeah, Chaitanya Chandra prabhu is from America. He is from Denver temple.
Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS: Yeah, I mean, the thing is preaching is lacking, the spirit is lacking. We are not really thinking in terms of expanding Krishna consciousness. Some devotees are struggling hard. They are struggling hard, no doubt about that, but the overall objective has become affected.
Devotee: When the devotees have the desire to preach, money comes.
BCS: Money comes, and money is actually coming. It’s not that the money is not coming, but the thing is that we are not thinking in terms of the prosperity of the temple, prosperity of the temple in the sense of preaching. Anyway, they are struggling there. Hrishikesha, on your part you try to help them. The temples are in a bad shape, so you try to help them.

Devotee: Another question from Hrishikesha prabhu. What is the best way to reciprocate our love for Krishna?
BCS: The best way to reciprocate?
Devotee: Our love to Krishna.
BCS: By loving Krishna. The best way to reciprocate to Krishna’s love is by giving Him the love! Somebody loves you and you are not loving him, so what does he expect? Does he want you to give him or her the money, or give this or that? No! He wants love! So Krishna also, He simply wants our love. He doesn’t want anything else from us.

Devotee: This question again from Hrishikesha prabhu. How do we know that we are qualified as per Krishna’s expectations?
BCS: First you find out what is Krishna’s expectation. In order to know whether you are up to Krishna’s expectation, you first get to know what is Krishna’s expectation from you. And Krishna’s expectation, as I said, is very simple: He wants your love! Bhaktivinode Thakura in his Saragrahi Vaishnava, he is mentioning that, who wants your purest love. All He wants is our pure love. So that’s all Krishna wants. So become qualified for that.

Devotee: Jayesh prabhu is adding, he is quoting, the best reciprocation to Krishna’s love
BCS: What’s that?
Devotee: The best reciprocation to Krishna’s love towards us is to surrender ourselves to Krishna, is it the best reciprocation?
BCS: That’s the beginning of reciprocation. Before you love, you have to surrender. So the first step of love is surrender. The first step towards love is surrender. Because Krishna is the predominator, we are the predominated. He is the controller, we are the controlled. So what is the first reciprocation? Surrender. That’s the beginning, but that’s not the end. And there the love affair will begin and then you will see how it increases, once you start. You will say, “Krishna, I love you,” Krishna will say, “I love you even more.” Then you say, “No, no, Krishna I love you even more!” [laughter] And these are not just words, you show your love to Krishna and Krishna reciprocates with love. And this is how a competition begins between a devotee and Krishna who can love whom more.
Yes, Krishnarchana?

Devotee: Guru Maharaja, in the time of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda prabhu and later on in the time of Srila Prabhupada it seems there is this flood of Krishna consciousness. Like, there is a description in the Chaitanya Charitamrta that no one could escape from the flood, like everyone was drowned or floating. Also when Prabhupada was here at least we were chanting the Holy Name. So why does it seem that nowadays only some droplets are falling here and there which is not like a flood which is inundating that [unclear]. Why is it like that?
BCS: Very good point. The point of Krishnarchana is that during Prabhupada’s time the whole world was inundated with Krishna consciousness. Nowadays at the most we are seeing some drops here and there, so why this difference? The difference is, because when a personality like Srila Prabhupada comes he brings a tidal wave of Krishna prema with him. It was a tidal wave, and you know how the tidal waves act? The tidal wave sweeps everything away. But then there is a backlash. After the tidal wave comes the backlash. So therefore, after Prabhupada’s disappearance there has been a backlash. So this also answers to Hrishikesha’s point that why the temples in America are facing difficulty; because after the tidal wave of Krishna consciousness, after Prabhupada’s disappearance, there has been a backlash and things have receded. But don’t worry, it will come back again.
Devotee: Does this next tidal wave come
BCS: Now the thing is, the next tidal wave will come when you all become engaged. [laughter] Don’t wait for another tidal wave to come, but be engaged to create a tidal wave. Prabhupada singlehandedly created the tidal wave but now we are thousands of us. So when we, thousands of us, become involved in spreading Krishna consciousness then naturally there will be another tidal wave and that will drown the entire world. So become serious! Don’t just live on the mental platform. So everybody become serious about your Krishna consciousness and consider how to inundate this world with Krishna prema. You may do it in your small little way but everybody has to become engaged.
You have a question?

Devotee: So many things are jumping here and there in the mike. Yeah, according to the quantum physics all the particles are floating in the universe. Okay, so what we think, we see. So according to maya, or we can consider we are controlled by maya, so we see the world in a different way. So my question is that we are controlled by maya, does Krishna control maya or maya is free from Krishna?
BCS: Okay, first of all, this quantum physics is another speculation, mental speculation, another hotchpotch. [laughter] The thing is, whatever we think in our mind, we see. If I think that there is a golden palace here in my mind, do I see that? Do you see the difference? What I am trying to point out is the difference between dream and reality. And there are three aspects actually. Those three aspects are: individual dream, collective dream and reality. When we sleep, in our sleep, yes, if I see a golden palace I’ll see a golden palace in my dream. But this is the collective dream, this is also a dream, but it is a collective dream. When you are here, I am here, he is here, then we all will see this room irrespective of what we are thinking in our mind. This is a kind of a reality, but when you go deeper into it, then you will see that this is also a dream. But the difference between our individual dream and this dream is that this is a collective dream. Whoever comes here in this time and place, time and space, will take part in the same dream. But beyond this there is another reality: the spiritual reality. That is the Absolute Reality or the real reality.
Okay, now, as you said that this is the illusory energy of the Lord, but this illusory energy, she is not actually creating this. This is created by Krishna. The material nature is on the ground of maya, but created by Krishna through His glance. That’s why maya or the illusory energy of the Lord has two aspects: vyakta and avyakta (manifest and unmanifest).  When Krishna glances towards the material nature that’s the manifested stage of the material nature, and when Krishna withdraws His glance that’s the unmanifested stage. So this proves that maya herself cannot create the world. It is Krishna who actually causes this material nature to become manifest on the field or on the background of maya. But maya is controlling, like the jivas are coming and then maya is actually controlling them, controlling them in the sense punishes them. Maya again is not independently doing that as your question is. Maya is not independent. Maya is also a maidservant of Krishna. So when Krishna says, “Release this person”, maya will have to release him. Maya herself cannot release.
So that is the difference between worshipping Durga and worshipping Krishna. Maya is Durga. If somebody worships maya he can get some material facilities. Like, in the prison house you are worshipping the prison chief and he may give you some extra chapati and rasagulla once in a while, but he cannot take you out of the prison. It’s only the king who can take you out of the prison. And when Krishna says that, “Release him”, no matter how the prison in charge thinks about that person, he’ll have to release him. So the next point is maya is not independent. Maya also is subservient to Krishna. Krishna is the only independent personality – svarat. He is the only independent individual. Besides Him everyone is controlled by Him. Ekale ishvara Krishna, ara saba bhritya, only Krishna is the Supreme Controller and everyone else is a servant. [CC Adi 5.142]
Yes, Soni?

Devotee: Maharaja, does Krishna withdraw protection
BCS: Krishna?
Devotee: Withdraw protection when we are protecting ourselves and start to atone.
BCS: Yeah, if you think that you can control yourself Krishna says, “Okay, go ahead.” If you think you are the controller and you are going to take care of the situation yourself, then Krishna says, “Why should I interfere?”
Devotee: But the consciousness to protect ourselves is also coming from Krishna at that time?
BCS: Don’t blame Krishna for your nonsense. Consciousness is coming from Krishna but why don’t you recognize one thing, that you have rejected Krishna. Consciousness is coming from Krishna but you have rejected Krishna. Krishna is there. You decided not to look at Him. You decided to look at this direction. Then how can you blame Krishna for your misdeeds? Recognize that all the mistakes that you are doing, all the misdeeds – all the criminal acts that you are doing – it’s your doing! You cannot blame Krishna for that. When a thief steals something, who is stealing? Is the thief stealing or Krishna stealing? Who is stealing?
Devotee: The thief.
BCS: The thief is stealing. So who should be punished for that? Can the thief say that, “Well, I got the consciousness from Krishna, therefore I stole this?” [laughter] Similarly, we have to recognize that it is our misdeed, it is our mistake, and we have to take the responsibility for that. But when we turn towards Krishna then we can see that He has taken care of everything. And, as you said, like if you are atoning for your crime, okay, that is better. As I said, that is the second class intelligence. Third class intelligence is not to recognize the mistake at all. Second class intelligence is recognize the mistake but try to rectify it, but the first class intelligence is to surrender to Krishna. “I have made a mistake. I am so sorry about it. Please forgive me.” So that is the first class intelligence. And remain under His shelter. You see, that’s the point, even in second class intelligence when you are trying to atone for your mistakes, still the surrender is lacking. So the surrender is the ultimate consideration.
Now, you may say, why this is second class, because at least you are listening to something, some good advice, that if you do this then you have to do that.  But still, that is not really Krishna’s will. See, this is the Karma Kanda aspect. Karma Kanda, although is a part of the Vedas, but that is not the word of Krishna. Krishna’s word is Bhagavad Gita and Krishna’s instruction is, “Surrender.” The Karma Kanda is, I am the doer and I am the enjoyer and therefore I have to do this, this, this, this.
Okay? Thank you! Okay, any more questions?

Devotee: There is a question from Guru Gauranga prabhu.
BCS: Yeah.
Devotee: When we pray to do a nice service for Krishna, do we pray for strength to fulfill or vow to complete service?
BCS: Huh? Or do we?
Devotee: When we pray to do a nice service for Krishna, do we pray for strength to fulfill vow or vow to complete service.
BCS: Vow, vow to complete service. Yeah, Guru Gauranga, actually there was something in his reading which I couldn’t understand. Yeah, you see, the prayer will depend upon our state of consciousness and the situation, but the best way to pray that, yes, as you say, pray to Krishna that we can execute the job properly. Or we can also pray, another way of prayer is that, “Krishna, I am trying to do this for You. I do not know whether it has Your approval or not but I am just trying to do this for You, so please guide me.” So in this way there are different types of prayers according to different situation and attitude and mentality.
Devotee: I am sorry I skipped the word ‘who.’ Actually he was asking: who do we pray to for strength to fulfill. Who do we pray?
BCS: Who do we?
Devotee: Pray to.
BCS: [to another devotee:] Can you go and read that?
Other devotee: When we pray to do a nice service for Krishna, who do we pray to for strength to fulfill our sankalpa?
BCS: Oh I see. Yes, you can pray directly to Krishna. You can pray to Balarama. You can pray to the previous acharyas. The main thing is that to whomever we are praying, ultimately the prayer is going to Krishna. Sometimes we pray to Srila Prabhupada. Sometimes we pray to the previous acharyas. Like Bhaktivinode Thakura is saying,

rupa-sanatana-pade dante trina kori’
bhakativinoda pode duhun pada dhori’
[Saranagati, Introductory Song]

He is praying to Rupa Goswami and Sanatana Goswami. So in this way it will depend upon the person’s mood and attachment to the personality, but the point is the spiritual prayers are either to Krishna directly or through the via medium of Krishna’s devotees.
Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS: Just a moment. Guru Gauranga, does it answer your question?
Devotee: Yes.
BCS: Okay, thank you. Yes?

Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS: Translate.
Devotee: Whatever we do, pray, whoever god, demigods or media, we pray always to Keshavam.
BCS: All prayers go to Keshavam. If you pray to Hiranyakasipu, will it go to Keshava?
Devotee: No, sarva devanam.
BCS: Sarva devanam. It depends, but Krishna is saying there is no need to worship the demigods. There is no need. Rather, He is saying yanti deva-vrata pitrn yanti-pitr-vratah [Bg 9.25], those who are worshippers of demigods they will go to the demigods and those who are worshippers of Pitris they will go to Pitraloka. Those who are worshippers of bhutas and pretas, bhutani yanti bhutejya, and yanti mad-yajino ‘pi mam, and My worshippers will come to Me. Therefore it is always better to worship Krishna and worship Krishna – Krishna and His devotees. If you see the demigods as the devotees of Krishna then it is a different thing. But again, the demigods are not always the pure devotees of Krishna. But if you pray to them with that understanding, then yes, they will act as the medium for Krishna.
Some people are doing that often. They are all worshipping the demigods without recognizing Krishna. Then what happens? Their prayer only goes up to the demigods, not to Krishna. The demigods may offer it to Krishna or may not, but actually, try to understand, your link with Krishna will be established by you recognizing Krishna. You have to recognize Krishna. It is something like, to clarify this point, you see, you go and pay the tax, knowing that although you are paying the tax to this office in Ujjain but actually this tax is meant for the government, right? And it will eventually go to the government treasury, but if you give a bribe to the in charge of that department then it won’t go to the government. It will go to his pocket. So that is the difference. You give it to the demigods with the understanding that it is for Krishna, the demigods will offer it to Krishna. But if you say [translated from Hindi], “Please keep this and give me a little facilities”, then the demigods will keep it in their pocket. [laughter] Thank you.
Devotee: [inaudible] said that, “akashat patitam toyam, yatha gacchati sagaram, sarva deva namaskaram kesavam prati gacchati.”
BCS: Okay, good point, but do all raindrops go to the ocean?
Devotee: Ah, that’s [unclear].
BCS: Does it go to the ocean? [unclear in Hindi] So how can you say sarva devanam gacchati kesavam? Okay, Hare Krishna.

Devotee: One last question, Guru Maharaja, from Deepak, Pune. Being part and parcel of Krishna, why do we lack true love for Krishna?
BCS: Part and parcel of Krishna? Why do we?
Devotee: Why do we lack true love for Krishna?
Other devotees: Lack, lack!
BCS: Oh, lack. Why do we lack?
Devotee: True love for Krishna.
BCS: Because you have forgotten Him! So now that you are remembering Krishna, yes, you’ll get your true love back for Him. You see, when you forget somebody, can you love him? Say the son has forgotten the father or the wife has forgotten the husband. Can she love the husband? You wouldn’t know because you are not married. [laughter] The thing is in order to love we have to remember Him. We have to become aware of Him, therefore, first we have to become aware of Krishna. Yes, we are part and parcel of Krishna but because we have forgotten Krishna, because we have become separated from Krishna, we stopped to love Him.
In this respect I give an example, a spark of fire. A spark of fire is fire. The spark of fire is fire but when the spark of fire becomes separated from the fire and falls on the heap of ash, then does it retain its fiery qualities? Because it is so minute, so tiny that its being fire or maintaining its fiery qualities depend upon its connection with the fire. So when we become separated from Krishna we forget Krishna and we become a part of matter. Falling in a heap of ash, we become ash. We become a part of this material nature and begin to identify ourselves with our bodies. But when we become aware of Krishna and become connected to Him, then comes the question of love. The love is there to become connected to Krishna. So we become aware of Krishna, then we want to be connected to Krishna, and that means to become connected is love.

Devotee: He wants to ask something more. For example, the child being a part and parcel of the mother, the child never forgets to love the mother.
BCS: Yeah, never forgets the love of the mother but the thing is, is it true? Does the child know who the mother is? No, the child initially doesn’t know who the mother is. He is not even concerned about the mother. On the other hand, the mother loves the child. The child may not love the mother but when the child grows up and recognizes the mother, then he begins to love the mother. The same thing with us. We are a bunch of children, and not only we are a bunch of children, we have forgotten Krishna and we don’t want to remember Krishna. We don’t want to have anything to do with Krishna. That is our situation. Now if we want to revive our relationship with Krishna then we have to become aware of who Krishna is. Therefore, the first need is shravanam, hear about Krishna. Then the second phase is kirtanam, speak about Krishna. Then smaranam, then comes the remembrance.
Alright, Deepak?
So now you have got a very good opportunity, you came in contact with Srila Prabhupada, his devotees and Prabhupada’s books, so you read Prabhupada’s books and you’ll see how you’ll recognize Krishna, how you’ll become aware of Krishna and then you will feel the natural need to become connected to Krishna and that desire to become connected to Krishna will inspire you to develop your love for Krishna.
Devotee: Thank you, Guru Maharaja. One comment was from Guru Gauranga prabhu: perfect answers!
BCS: Hare Krishna!
Jaya Srila Prabhupada! Gaura Premanande Hari Haribol!


Transcription & Editing : Her Grace Ranga Radhika Dasi

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